Season high as The Block tops Sunday

Ratings: The Block, Big Music Quiz and Australian Survivor all enjoyed lifts on last week, but the night goes to Nine.


Sunday went Nine’s way with timeslot wins for Nine News, The Block and 60 Minutes.

The Block contestants Andy & Ben scored a perfect 30 from the judges, rewarded with a season high of 1.21m viewers.

Both The Big Music Quiz (873,000) and Australian Survivor (649,000) enjoyed lifts from last Sunday. So where did the extra viewers come from? It was ABC’s Howard on Menzies (also 649,000) that was down on last week’s Attenborough doco. Or maybe more people switched on last night…

Nine News and Seven News were neck and neck, but 60 Minutes edged ahead of Sunday Night with Vera a close third.

TEN’s movie was unable to compete while SBS was also up on its usual share.

Nine won the night with 31.4% then Seven 26.1%, ABC 17.6%, TEN 16.8% and SBS 8.1%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.21m viewers followed by Nine News (1.11m) and 60 Minutes (765,000). A Doctor Doctor repeat was just 276,000.

Seven News (1.1m) was best for Seven followed by The Big Music Quiz (873,000), Sunday Night (693,000) and Criminal Minds (394,000 / 291,000).

ABC News (859,000), Vera (657,000) and Howard on Menzies (649,000) comprised ABC’s night. Compass was 249,000.

Australian Survivor (649,000) was best for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 478,000, Modern Family was 402,000 / 323,000 and Movie: Divergent was 362,000.

On SBS it was The Celts (328,000), SBS World News (247,000) and Obama: Eight Years of Power (218,000).

ABC2’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom ruled all of multichannel land with 210,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 18 September 2016.

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  1. How far does everybody on how far Phoebe will go in Australian Survivor.

    I think she will be voted out the next Tribal Council that Vavau are a part of (could it be tonight, who knows)

    The only 2 things that can save her are the following

    1. Vavau start to win challenges where Phoebe proves that she is worthy of keeping.
    2. The merge (2 teams becoming 1) happens before the next Vavau Tribal Council.

    My tip is for the winner is that it will come from the current Saanapu tribe.

  2. Phoebe….what a legend, great play, however I think Sue or Conner may have been a better victim. Craig was one of the strongest at challenges and was a little more flexible with voting. Hope Phoebe survives. To quote the girls sitting on the beach….. ‘having a perv’….. at the ripped blokes fishing. Its entertaining and there is a fair amount of eye candy for everyone, I guess……

    1. I think it was a good move to get rid of Craig. If he gets to the individual phase, he could run the game. He has a good strategic mind for the game, is physically strong and seams very sociable. Get rid of him now while you have the chance.

      1. Yeah I see that, but it can be about getting to the final 3 without annoying your fellow competitors too much. He would have been a good ally to have when the final merge takes place, as the other tribe appear to have some very strong players. If/when Phoebe’s mob are up for TC again (tonight eh?) she may struggle to survive now… we’ll see

        1. I’d love Phoebe to win but Sue should have gone last night. She is far too loyal to help Phoebe. Connor seems a bit dim so he could be swayed easily and Craig and Phoebe would have made a formidable team until they needed to turn on each other. I love this show.

  3. Finally got to actually sit down and watch Survivor from start to finish. Usually have to record it but enjoyed the episode and Phoebe at the end just went bang with the immunity idol. Some call it sneaky but it was just great play and loved the look on the other team members faces.

    1. Yeah, priceless!
      No, not sneaky at all. Just playing the game really well – after all, that’s the aim of the game to outwit and outsmart.
      The others really didn’t have a clue. Sad to see Craig go as he is smart and funny and he had the potential to win.
      But he had the good grace to handle Phoebe’s blindside so well. He acknowledged good gameplay by her with true sportsmanship.

    2. Not sneaky, it was handed to her on a plate. She didn’t have to do anything except sit back and choose a victim. In some ways it is more refreshing to watch this Aus version, as the contestants on the US version are so steeped in the tactics of the game, that you never see the stupidity that was on display last night.

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