1. jezza the first original one

    I wish I had known it was on ABC as I watched on my laptop on ch7. Awful service, kept dropping out and running ‘olympic’ based ads. Probably the worst streaming service around. The Donald was great though…..Delta on WhoDoYouThink had zero appeal, dunno why but she just generates no interest, too bland maybe, not sure.

    • Given Sky News’ highest mid-evening (predominantly right-wing) talk shows [Jones & Co.; The Bolt Report, Paul Murray Live] generally rate around 30k to 50k (at most), I’d wader Sky’s coverage of the Trump/Clinton debate wouldn’t be above those kind of figures. However, David might be able to elaborate on yesterday’s specific data.
      Another – very significant aspect – is not being on FTA/Freeview severely limits the potential reach, irrespective of the quality output Sky News often produces.

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