The Block leads reality stakes, Sunday Night beats 60 Mins.

Ratings: It's a modest increase for Australian Survivor and a dip for Big Music Quiz, as Nine wins the night.


The Block reveal was the biggest entertainment drawcard last night, up slightly from last week to 1.1m viewers. It topped the demos and beat The Big Music Quiz which saw another dip to 843,000.

At 7:30pm Australian Survivor was up marginally on last week but still fourth in its slot at 586,000 viewers. The show continues to fare better on weeknights with a better lead-in and equitable timeslots.

Seven’s Sunday Night expose on 60 Minutes was a win against its traditional rival, although strictly speaking both were not head to head for the full duration.

ABC’s Attenborough doco was strong at 708,000 viewers.

Nine network won Sunday with 30.2% then Seven 29.3%, ABC 18.2%, TEN 15.7% and SBS 6.7%.

Nine News was #1 with 1.37m for Nine then The Block (1.1m) and 60 Minutes (778,000). Killer on the Line drew 329,000.

Seven News (1.11m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (852,000), The Big Music Quiz (843,000) and Criminal Minds (449,000 / 296,000).

ABC News (833,000), Attenborough at 90: Behind the Lens (708,000), Vera (698,000) and Compass (268,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Australian Survivor (586,000), Modern Family (387,000 / 283,000), TEN Eyewitness News (301,000), and movie: X-Men: First Class (249,000).

On SBS it was The Celts (284,000), SBS World News (193,000), Building Star Trek (174,000) and Nazi Megastructures (126,000).

ABC2’s Octonauts and the Amazing Amazon Adventure (256,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 11 September 2016.

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  1. To all those complaining about ‘lead ins’ and ‘start times’ for 10, it’s far too late to do anything about it now-they can’t just pull new programming out of a hat (that would appeal to a bigger audience anyway) and if they started to monkey around with start times or broadcast days at this stage, they’d just confuse the hoi polio who’d give up on it in larger numbers.

  2. I don’t think TEN would be expecting amazing ratings for survivor on Sundays, just to provide an alternative. TEN shows tend to have a slow burn with an improvement in ratings towards the end of the series’. Stick it out TEN we’re with you.

  3. Why don’t they run Survivor from 6:30pm? get an even bigger jump on the competition.

    Surely there is another gameshow or something they can wheel out that might actually rate decently.

    Sunday Project isn’t a bad idea either.

    Survivor’s figures are awful for that kind of expense

    1. Sunday Project is a great idea. But 6-7pm. TEN is proving to themselves that cheapies like Have You Been Paying Attention can actually do better than their very expensive Survivor and I’m a Celebrity.

  4. Yes, The Big Music Quiz dipped again to a little under 850k, but in terms of an alternative programming offer against The Block, would that still be considered a reasonable result perhaps?
    Australian Survivor – as noted, the Sunday showing (which kicks off each new week) really seems to suffer from poor lead-in and not starting at 7pm coming out of the two big-rating commercial news bulletins. Strange Ten haven’t tweaked Sun start time to an earlier 7pm slot to address that.

    1. Survivor would still have a lead in of 300,000 at 7pm, so I doubt it would fix the problem. Ten needs to address their early evenings. Weekend news is a disaster ratings wise. Sunday Family Feud is wasted while there is nothing decent leading out of it. I’ve already suggested it’s time Ten revisited the idea of a Sunday Project. Can’t do any worse than Modern Family repeats.

      1. Ten will never do as well with reality as they did when it started at 7pm, I have no idea why modern family Is still on, it should have been killed off like 2 seasons ago. Move modern family to channel 11 & bring in something new.

  5. I quite enjoyed the David Attenborough special – Sunday is now the ABC’s best night of the week, ratings wise.
    It’ll be interesting how the John Howard program on Menzies fares next week.
    The Block – totally over all home renovation reality shows.
    Big Music Quiz – not interested.
    Survivor – it was an eventful episode last night, which deserved a better audience. Channel 10 really needs to give it a better leadin on Sunday nights.

  6. Saw the last part of Big Music Quiz last night. Yes, everyone is hyper (or ‘on speed’ as Gogglebox said), but still enjoyable. I found myself singing along to the tunes. But Darren needs to stop talking over the songs, how can you guess when he’s still speaking over it?? I have come to assume anyone I don’t know on the show is From Home and Away.

    1. Nobody last night was from H&a
      Jimmy Rees – kids show Jimmy Giggle
      Andrew O’Keefe – The Chase
      Joel Creasey – comedian and was on I’m a Celeb
      Steve Hooker – olympian
      Lucy Durack – was in Wicked the stage performance
      Kate Ceberano – Singer
      Clare Hooper – comedian, used to be on Good News Week
      Em Rusciano – Singer and Radio personality, sometimes on The Project

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