The Recruit: Sept 7

Shane Warne and Lauryn Eagle are both guests on FOX8 reality show.


Shane Warne and Lauryn Eagle are both guests on tonight’s episode of The Recruit.

The series will end on September 21 with a Live grand final at Crown, announcing its winner.

With the focus this week on resilience, the final six Recruits head to Marysville for a game against the Emergency Services – a team of firefighters, ambos, and the CFA – where they meet Shane Warne.  Shane is coaching the opposition, and after introducing the boys to Aiden Buchanan, a Marysville local who suffered tragedy during the Black Saturday fires, the Recruits realise what resilience means to a community like this and head out for one of the physically toughest games of the competition.

Episode 8 of The Recruit also features boxer and water skiing champ Lauryn Eagle, who leads the boys through an intense boxing work out that proves very tough for some of them.

Tonight at 8.30pm on FOX8.

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