Airdate: Little Lunch: The Halloween Horror Story


The first of two new Little Lunch specials, “The Halloween Horror Story” will air on ABC ME later this month.

Returning are Flynn Curry, Joshua Sitch, Oisin O’Leary, Madison Lu, Faith Seci, Olivia Deeble and Heidi Arena.

Adapted by Gristmill Productions, a second special is expected for Christmas.

In The Halloween Horror Story: No one loves Halloween more than Atticus so he’s delighted to be starring in the school play, written especially for Halloween. But when Atticus’ mother gets a job in Singapore, he discovers that the day of the play will be his last day of school, forever. The make-believe terror of Halloween is replaced by Atticus being genuinely petrified of leaving and starting a new life. All the children are sad to be saying goodbye to Atticus but none more so than Rory, who is losing his best friend. The Halloween Horror Story cracks open the heart of the spooky celebration to explore, beyond a scary costume, what it is that children really fear and how they can overcome it.

5pm Monday October 31st on ABC ME.


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