Block tops Sunday, X Factor slips further, TEN down.

Ratings: Only a handful of shows bucked a downward viewing trend overall last night.


Only a handful of shows bucked a trend last night as daylight saving and ‘Cup weekend’ in Melbourne saw a viewing downturn across the board.

But The Block, 60 Minutes, Grand Designs, Poldark and a low-ranking Modern Family were on track with -or better than- last Sunday.

The Block topped the night with 1.18m well ahead of the competition and topping the demos.  The X Factor lost 76,000 on last Sunday to finish in third place at 676,000 -its lowest audience so far. All Star Family Feud trailed at 330,000.

60 Minutes at 883,000 was well ahead of Sunday Night 486,000, albeit with a 20 minute head start.

Without a big franchise TEN struggled overall with a disappointing network share.

Nine easily won Sunday with 34.5% then Seven 27.9%, ABC 17.0%, TEN 14.3% and SBS 6.3%.

The Block was #1 with 1.18m for Nine then Nine News (1.02m), 60 Minutes (883,000) and Events that Changed the Noughties (457,000).

Seven News (997,000) led for Seven followed by The X Factor (676,000) and Sunday Night (486,000).

ABC News (822,000) was best for ABC followed by Grand Designs: House of the Year (708,000) and Poldark (532,000). Compass was 273,000 and Wolf Hall was 254,000.

TEN could not rise above Modern Family (421,000 / 244,000). Movie: Red was 331,000, All Star Family Feud was just 330,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 328,000.

On SBS it was The Great Human Odyssey (221,000), I Am JFK Jnr (188,000) and SBS World News (176,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed up multichannels at 230,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 30 October 2016

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  1. X-Factor’s dismal ratings mightn’t matter so much if they didn’t waste such a massive amount of money on ‘international star’ judges, who are obviously not drawing viewers to the show. Also, they’ve made these types of shows so convoluted and so ‘about the judges’ that they’re pretty much unwatchable. Whatever happened to simply voting out the worst performer and moving on to next week?

  2. Really enjoyed last night episode of Major Crimes on Gem. It’s another one of those shows that is well written and acted but doesn’t seem to rate well here. Like Empire and OJ Simpson

  3. If 7 drop X-Factor and Dancing With The Stars next year does this mean they wont have light entertainment shows, what can they put in their place, please no more renovation shows am all over this type of viewing.

  4. I don’t think daylight saving is as much of a factor, as a lack of decent shows. With Survivor finished, the leftovers are not worth it. We finished watching the recorded Netball, and then switched to movies. Poldark ready to be watched today.

  5. The WIN TV network has done badly out of the switch to TEN network programming. 34.5% share to 9 and a mere 14.3% to TEN last night. Their revenue from advertising would be suffering with this performance.

  6. I watch the x factor every year, but for me this shortened version is a spectacular fail. The judges have no chemistry especially Iggy who sounds dis-interested in the wholr process, getting rid of 4 acts in one week and no home visits was monumentally stupid, just to fit the show in ‘ratings’season and do not get me started on the bloke who announces the acts who sounds like someone is strangling him by his nuts and lastly bring back Luke Jacobz who at least has a personality. This year reminds me of X Factor UK last year which was an absolute disaster.

    1. I thought it was quite a dull and drawn out episode actually. Constant flashbacks and discussion of the series just gone, and not even having the winner as part of a team? It deserved the low ratings it got frankly. It is certainly not a Sunday 7:30pm show – more summer filler if anything.

  7. With these numbers, it is almost safe to assume that X-Factor won’t be comming back. Should be intresting to see what 7 put at the end of the year as it’s flagship program

    Does anyone want to take a guess?

  8. Channel 10 – bring back Australian Idol, in it’s original format, with experienced musicians as judges, not celebrities looking to flog their latest single or make a quick buck. The Voice and X Factor are both on the way out, and Australia’s Got Talent is no doubt gone. It’s time to capitalise.

    1. Why would ten want to jump on a trend (“singing/talent shows”) which is basically dying. The fact that similar shows going down the tubes would most likely mean that Aus Idol would most likely fail should it be brought back,

  9. X Factor suffers from lack of huge talent – two acts are head and shoulders above the others so not too much interest. Iggy Azalea does not endear herself to viewers either. The figures aren’t great – but over a two hour period, they are not dire.

  10. Not interested in X factor anymore as the judge panels are actually no chemistry among them at all. Rather watch 7TWO Manu cooking show at 7.30pm. Put Sunday night back to 7pm start as it is much better program then the x factor

  11. I will never understand how Big Bang Theory rates consistently well when a far superior show like Modern Family struggles.

    TEN need to give up pushing Family Feud at every available opportunity. It’s overkill. Clearly viewers aren’t interested.

    X factor ratings are poor – could this see the show take a well overdue extended break?

  12. I think The X Factor should be left out of the equation for Seven’s 2017. It should be doing much better with no competition on TEN, instead TEN is rating low but there’s no benefit to Seven. Maybe they can try switching X Factor / Sunday Night to salvage its performance. Sunday Night is one of the only shows I watch on Seven, so it would be great to see a lot of advertising and a consistent timeslot for it in 2017 – as one of their flagship programs, it deserves better.

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