Gallery: Seven Upfronts (or “Newfronts” even)

Tim Worner led the show at Seven's event in Sydney, simulcast to advertisers in Melbourne and Brisbane.


Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner led the Seven “Newfronts” at Media City in Eveleigh yesterday, on the set that was used for Rio Olympics coverage. He was joined by Chief Revenue Officer Kurt Burnette, Network Director of Sales Adam Elliott, and talent including Bruce McAvaney, Todd Woodbridge and Lydia Lassila.

Tim Worner spoke at length to clients about Seven’s dominance in ratings, production and recent advancements in technology, such as streaming successes with the Olympics. There were plenty of sexy videos to show advertisers how their campaigns resonated across multiplatforms within Seven West Media -all of it underpinned by Television.



The event was simulcast to separate advertiser events held in Melbourne and Brisbane. The Melbourne event at Shed 14 Docklands was bookended by Southern Market Sales Director Peter Charles, with Hamish McLachlan hosting chats with Seven Melbourne managing director Lewis Martin, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan and sports stars Morgan Mitchell and Daisy Pearce. Sydney guests also wandered around the MKR set.



It was great to see the old programmer in Tim Worner back in play when he introduced each of the new Seven titles including Blue Murder: Killer Cop, Hoges, Yummy MummiesMillion Dollar Cold Case, The Aussie Property Flippers. There were clips for each of these along with Wanted and MKR. Worner revealed that First Dates was his favourite new show.

MKR has added a dash of romance this year with love blossoming amongst rival team players -much to the delight of Manu Fieldel. There’s a new way the first team will be eliminated next season and apparently yet another new face coming to the table.

The untitled wedding show (which included parents reacting in horror to the partner choices of their adult children), is currently being filmed. But Worner indicated that to reveal the title would divulge too much to the participants (presumably some sort of twist).




US shows didn’t rate a mention, but two have been announced in Training Day and Trial and Error -an indication of how much things have shifted over the years.


There was no mention of the looming court case making news yesterday, and potentially overshadowing the entire event, however Worner did reference Sunrise as being #1 at Breakfast. Nobody was game to challenge that yesterday.



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  1. Looked like a great time!
    Lots of shows there that I am really looking forward to!
    I honestly think reality TV is on the outer and for the next few years it’ll be all about Tele movies and crime! What I love!
    Will be interesting to see 7’s coverage of the rugby league World Cup here in Australia. Laurie Daley was there, so maybe that’s an indication that he may be a part of the commentry line up (he is with 7 news Sydney too). Wonder who they will get as play by play caller? Was anything mentioned about the RLWC David?

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