Gap widens in local dramas as Nine takes Wednesday


The gap is widening between head to head local dramas Doctor Doctor and The Wrong Girl.

Nine’s drama had its best numbers so far at 854,000 (just shy of Secret Daughter‘s 862,000 this week). By contrast The Wrong Girl had its lowest so far at 519,000 -however both did well in the demos.

In the same timeslot Rosehaven and Upper Middle Bogan both dipped on last week but beat Seven’s Gordon Ramsay offering.

The Block won its slot by a country mile followed by Beach Cops, 7:30, Highway Patrol, the launch of Hard Quiz and The Bachelorette.

Nine won Wednesday with 29.2% then Seven 26.5%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 17.3% and SBS 8.0%.

The Block (1.03m) led for Nine followed by Nine News (918,000 / 909,000), Doctor Doctor (854,000), A Current Affair (805,000), Hot Seat (503,000) and Amazing Medical Stories (404,000).

Seven News was #1 with 1.04m / 966,000 then Home and Away (696,000), Beach Cops (684,000), Highway Patrol (660,000), The Chase (589,000 / 396,000) and Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (408,000). The Big Bang Theory was 255,000 /250,000.

The Bachelorette led for TEN with 592,000. The Project was 583,000 / 415,000, The Wrong Girl was 519,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 412,000, and Madam Secretary drew just 177,000.

ABC News (764,000), 7:30 (661,000), Hard Quiz (628,000), Rosehaven (508,000), Upper Middle Bogan (505,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (311,000) comprised ABC’s night.

SBS shows 24 Hours in Emergency (271,000 / 248,000), Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain by Drone (248,000) and SBS World News (126,000) rounded out the night.

Today: 312,000
Sunrise: 304,000
ABC News Breakfast: 113,000 / 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 19 October 2016.


  1. I always watch the brekkie ratings war on here with interest and also often wonder why it never seems to be one or the other consistently winning? The Morning Show seems to always win though so people must turn over at some stage.

  2. Was it just me, or was Hard Quiz … just not very good?

    We’ll probably give it a 3nd or 2rd chance, but it needs to pick up to become even “nothing else on, may as well watch that” viewing.

  3. It really is a tight battle between Today and Sunrise lately. Everytime you post their ratings it seems to be a different one in the lead. Today just in front in this post but earlier this week it was Sunrise. Will be interesting to see who wins the year.

    • Agreed, and it would be interesting to discuss why and how it is panning out.
      Sunrise seems to win earlier in the week, with Today getting the nod later.
      I find it surprising because I generally turn the box on while readying myself for work and really just tune in for news, weather and traffic updates.
      Maybe it’s a sign that, as viewers, we just have the channel still set to the last program we watched the night before? The close numbers surely suggest that there isn’t a great loyalty between breakfast viewers and a particular show.

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