Jane Turner enjoying break from the spotlight

Exclusive: "Being in the limelight is very exhausting," says Jane Turner who has moved to Italy.


EXCLUSIVE: Kath and Kim star Jane Turner has moved overseas and is having a break from comedy.

“I’m having a bit of a change of career! I’ve moved overseas to Italy,” she told TV Tonight. “I’m just having a big break from acting and all that. I’m writing, but not drama or comedy. Gina (Riley) and I are still in touch and we always talk about characters so when I get back to Melbourne in a couple of weeks I’ll probably start thinking about it.”

Turner, who features in tonight’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? is enjoying a new perspective on life beyond the immediate trappings of showbiz.

“When your kids leave you realise you can travel and have a bigger, wider life, explore other things. I was in Melbourne for the family and work but now I can see what else is out there in the world. So I’m loving travelling, writing, and there are so many other things I like doing,” she continues.

“I love acting and my son has gone into acting in a big way. It’s a fantastic world but it’s a hard job. Nobody earns any money. I’ve been really lucky that we’ve created our own work, but it’s a tough business and you are constantly scrutinised by everybody.

“Being in the limelight is very exhausting and it’s a great feeling not to have to do it.”

Her on-screen husband Glenn Robbins also recently told TV Tonight there were no immediate plans for more Kath and Kim, but nothing was ruled out for the future.

“Yes that’s true,” Turner agreed. “We do love them and they are so much fun to do and write, but Gina and I are having an extended break from the whole shebang. It’s been really good and it opens up your mind a bit more. Otherwise you just keep trotting out the same old crap!

“I’m really enjoying being completely out of the spotlight so sorry to disappoint everyone!”

Who Do You Think You Are? screens 7:30pm tonight on SBS.

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