Secret Daughter is up, Australian Story is down.

Ratings: The Block leads in entertainment, while many viewers appear to be over the Sally Faulkner saga.


Seven’s new drama The Secret Daughter improved on last Monday’s outing, drawing 862,000, up from 831,000 last week.

By contrast Hyde & Seek slipped again, down to 642,000 from 694,000 -while the two were neck and neck in younger demos, Seven’s was well ahead in older viewers.

In contrast The Block led in entertainment stakes at 1.03m, including all 3 demos, sending The X Factor to its lowest number so far at 798,000. Australian Survivor was third in its slot at 760,000.

ABC’s Australian Story profile on Sally Faulkner was far from its best at 688,000. Last week it pulled 816,000.

Seven News and A Current Affair were both timeslot wins with very healthy numbers.

Seven network won with 27.6% then Nine 27.3%, TEN 20.1%, ABC 19.2% and SBS 5.8%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.1m / 1.09m for Seven then The Secret Daughter (862,000), The X Factor (798,000), Home and Away (772,000), The Chase (689,000 / 466,000) and The Catch (342,000 / 197,000).

The Block (1.03m) led for Nine then Nine News (969,000 / 939,000), A Current Affair (917,000), Hyde & Seek (642,000) and Hot Seat (529,000). Australian Crime Stories was 292,000.

Australian Survivor (760,000) topped TEN’s night. Have You Been Paying Attention? was 661,000, The Project was 599,000 / 415,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 474,000, and The Odd Couple was just 188,000 / 100,000.

ABC News (797,000), 7:30 (756,000), Australian Story (688,000), Four Corners (550,000), Media Watch (509,000) and Q&A (459,000) comprised ABC’s night.

24 Hours in Emergency (230,000), Skies Over Britain (196,000), SBS World News (139,000) and Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature (99,000) rounded out the night on SBS.

Shaun the Sheep bleat out the multichannels with 367,000.

Sunrise: 312,000
Today: 290,000
ABC News Breakfast: 87,000 / 39,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 17 October 2016

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  1. Aus Survivor is positioning itself well for the finals week. Decent total viewership and strong preforance in the demos (I belived it tied with The Block in the 16-39). It should be renewed.

    1. I think Ten would be slightly disapointed with Survivor’s performance (especially in total people), but the biggest negative against renewal is the production cost. Especially with I’m A Celebrity already being renewed.

      1. Survivor is getting renewed, I have no doubt. Survivor is not really a huge rater in terms of total viewers in the U.S either. Australian Survivor had more than held its own in the demos, which is what advertisers really care about.

        1. I am loving Survivor. Beautifully filmed, great cast, great host…..equal to US Survivor. Remember nines attempt years ago was pathetic and The Big Adventure last year on 7. Ten has done a great job

  2. Secret Daughter is class Australian drama. Jessica Mauboy is a surprisingly good actress to compliment her singing. And good to see former Blue Healers star Rachael Gordon again as well as David Field (ex City Homicide) More drama like this please Channel 7.

    1. The Secret Daughter is good looking crap for the most part but absolutely loving Jessica’s performance. The camera adores her and she’s the best thing about this badly written, bloated soap opera.

  3. Well done to Australian Story for allowing the person at the centre of the saga to have a proper voice…something the commercial outlets have failed miserably to do. It was also lovely to see the story presented without the crass sensationalist approach channels 7 and 9 favor. I believe this was an extremely important story to tell – it was a story of emotional abuse, domestic violence and parental alienation.

    1. It was very sympathetic, hard not to feel for her plight (but some points went unchallenged -it was vague on how 60 Mins got involved and seemed to skip Inside Story’s earlier rejection). I still think next week will be worth watching.

      1. Jason – they were thinking, rightly so, to tell the side of the story that hasn’t been told. The voice that got lost in the headline grabbing, ratings driven sensationalism. The most important side of the story, not Tara Brown’s, not channel 9’s, not Adam Whittington’s. The only shame was that the father decided not to be part of it, and there was little more the ABC could’ve done about that, they offered, he declined.

        David, the two aspects of the story you mentioned have already been told. Australian Story didn’t need to cover that again. The editorial focus was Sally and what lead her to making the decisions she did. To add another voice to the grubby media mudslinging would have been a mistake. I think they handled it brilliantly.

          1. Maybe you weren’t paying such close attention. It was stated that the media came to her, she didn’t take the story anywhere. What happened next is known and has been covered elsewhere.
            You have to look at it in terms of a succinct narrative – they only have a half hour slot to play with each episode. To get bogged down in details that have already been covered, at the expensive of exclusive information, would have been an editorial mistake. But yes, maybe that topic will be covered next week, although I doubt it from the looks of the end show tease.

        1. I partly agree with you but still feel that the tone was overly sympathetic to Faulkner. While the entire 60 Minutes saga didn’t need to be rehashed, it’s an important part of the story and should be covered, even if it’s just from Faulkner’s perspective. It shouldn’t be assumed that everybody who will watch Australian Story is completely across all that has previously ensued in the media.

          1. Sympathetic perhaps; but I don’t how how well Sally Faulkner comes out of it. I suspect the average ratings are because most punters figure they already know the story, and don’t need to go over it again. I saw enough to make me watch part 2 next week.

    2. Not sure why she stuck around after the “alleged slight” with the “tradie at the house”

      Being of Lebanese background, I can tell you, obviously members of the family had it in for her, and Mum and/or others didn’t like/want her there. In Lebanon the father gets custody of any kids, so nothing really to lose and a good way to offload the foreign wife who would’ve been also frowned upon – as knowing the machinations of what goes on, the preference is to marry within the same religion.

      I could go on with the amount of other silliness that probably would’ve gone on, but in a nutshell, think of the most unreasonable response to the most innocent “slight” and multiply it by 10 and you probably have an idea of what was going on and how Sally or anyone else in her situation wouldn’t have had any chance.

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