1. Streets Of Your Town. A documentary series presented by a comedian who clearly knows little about architecture or history. Why would you do this when you could actually have an Australian architect or design expert with great knowledge and a point of view? Isn’t this why Grand Designs is such a success? Not surprisingly few watched it. Perhaps the ABC could now get Josh Thomas to do a science series or history of ancient Greece.

    • I think the ABC will be pretty happy with 575k viewers. You must have watched a different program if you think that Ross doesn’t have a point of view. As for his credibility – he has a long and well known interest in architecture and modernism – and over the past 4 years has staged events in modernist venues – including some of the homes featured in the series.

    • barrington bumbaclaart

      Victor, you couldn’t be more incorrect. It seems you didn’t actually watch the show, or did but paid no attention. If you had, you would know that Tim is a long time lover of modernist architecture and design, who has a vast knowledge and strong points of view on the topic. Being a friend of a friend, I’ve met him a few times and had some interesting conversations about Australian architecture. Commenting whilst totally ignoring known facts is foolish.

  2. SBS Viceland – no difference in ratings than SBS 2 – but is a pretty niche channel. Seems so far to be less programming overall as most shows are played twice between 7.30 and 3am.

  3. While ever 7flix gets 2.something % for showing 8 BBT eps, it will continue to do so as annoying it is – its like having one less channel to chose from and also a waste as no doubt each individual episode is probably less than 100k watching.

    It would be so much better for the show to cut down and air just a few eps each week, in order from the start – or – go the other extreme – do a Foxtel channel style binge playing all 7 seasons in a row…. then rest it.

  4. Disappointing ratings for Cold Feet.
    Have enjoyed seeing all the old characters back again after such a long absence.
    The show reminds me a bit of a pair of well worn, favourite slippers – a bit dated and frayed around the edges but oh so comfy and familiar.

  5. Didn’t switch the TV on at all last night.

    Will watch the Dr Dr finale tonight and then it will be off until ‘after the *#*#*# tennis’ because I am sick of the MKR/MAFS ads already

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    If it wasn’t for the Socceroos match, the TV would have been off. Was pleased to see a reasonable bitrate on Go but have no idea what it’s usually like.

  7. I have seen the first episode of Streets of Your Town, and quite enjoyed it, will watch the second episode later this week. I did cringe every time Tim said Orstraya. 50 years ago you’d never hear an ABC host pronounce Australia like that. Shame times have changed for the worse.
    7Flix showed 8 episodes of Big Bang last night, it’s beyond a joke how much that channel has changed since its inception.

    • Perhaps it was a Big Bang movie, but just broken down in to an 8 part fragment.
      I still love that they yank shows and move them about, even on this channel!

    • 7flix has become NO Movie at 8:30 every night. Maybe 7 only has the BBT repeat rights for a year and is “burning them off”. Or the station cat got locked in the computer room, fell asleep on the programmers keyboard and initiated the repeat function.

  8. David, I know you don’t post the Sunrise V Today ratings everyday but would I be right in guessing there seems to have been a lift in the ratings over the last week or 2 for Sunrise? If so, I wonder if this lift is due to at all the absence of Kochie and replaced with Mike Amor and Chris Reason filling in for him? I really enjoyed Mike Amor last week and Chris Reason is also very good. They seem to lift the overall tone and quality of the show IMO.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I really enjoyed Chris Reason, especially seeing as he was back where it all began being first in the host chair all those years ago. I think Sam is much better when Kochie isn’t there, she seems to gel better with other male co-hosts.

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