Australian Directors’ Guild to award Metro Screen Fellowships


The Australian Directors’ Guild will award two Metro Screen Fellowships to NSW screen practitioners, to honour the work of the Sydney based organisation which closed down at the end of last year.

The Fellowships are designed to encouraged emerging filmmakers to contribute in a meaningful way to the diversity of screen culture.

The $20,000 Production Fellowship will be awarded to a NSW based director to assist with the production of a short film in any genre or format, not exceeding 12 minutes. This is aimed at furthering the career of emerging directors.

The $15,000 Open Fellowship is designed to support the career development of an emerging screen practitioner from any discipline, such as mentored development, attachments or internships, new research, community building, tailored skills development, networking events, innovative exhibition or travel.

ADG CEO Kingston Anderson said, “Before its closure Metro Screen worked closely with the ADG to find ways to continue some of Metro’s important programs for emerging directors. The ADG is very pleased to honour Metro’s legacy with the announcement of these scholarships, which are currently funded for four years. In that time, we will be working with industry to secure a sponsor to take the program forward.”

Kath Shelper, the final President of Metro Screen said, “For close to 40 years Metro Screen provided a range of opportunities for NSW emerging screen practitioners and for the telling of stories that reflect the full diversity of Australian society. Regrettably, we were forced to close our doors at the end of 2015 due to Federal funding cuts, but it’s so great to see the spirit of Metro Screen live on for many years to come through these new Fellowships.”

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