Even without The Block, no prizes for X Factor.

Reality: Pipped by ABC News & Grand Designs, X Factor's fate seems sealed. SBS is up, TEN has a rough night.


With Cricket in play and no episode of The Block, Seven’s X Factor was the only Reality title in play.

While it managed a slight increase from 676,000 to 700,000 it was beaten by ABC News (826,000) and Grand Designs (718,000).  Seven can at least take comfort that it trimmed this season severely, but its fate appears sealed.

Nine’s staggered cricket broadcast managed an average of 753,000 for the third session.

Amended: But it wasn’t all bad for Seven with Sunday Night beating 60 Minutes, head to head in 2 markets, and Seven News ahead of Nine’s.

There was no good news for TEN, unable to rise above a Modern Family episode of 450,000. Their Taken 2 movie was pushed into 5th place behind SBS with a Clinton v Trump special capping off a strong night for the public broadcaster.

Seven won Sunday with 30.2% then Nine 29.3%, ABC 16.7%, TEN 14.5% and SBS 9.3%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.14m then The X Factor 700,000, Sunday Night (656,000) and Afghanistan: The Australian Story (428,000).

Nine News (1.01m) led for Nine then First Test: Australia v South Africa (753,000 / 704,000 / 533,000), and 60 Minutes (648,000). The Mad World of Donald Trump was just 210,000.

ABC News won its slot with 826,000 for ABC then Grand Designs (718,000), Poldark (493,000) and Jamaica Inn (302,000). Compass was 214,000.

It was a bad night at TEN with Modern Family (450,000 / 412,000), All Star Family Feud (366,000), TEN Eyewitness News (339,000) and Movie: Taken 2 (292,000).

SBS was strong with Clinton v Trump: The Choice 2016 (387,000) then The Great Human Odyssey (210,000) and SBS World News (176,000).

GO!’s movie How to Train Your Dragon (287,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 6 November 2016.

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  1. Can I ask when the x factor is going to finish?? i read 2 websites with one saying 5th december and another saying early december yet host jason dundas last night said there was only 2 weeks until the grand finale which will take it until late november. so which is it?

  2. 7 truly stuffed X Factor this year. They truly should not have bothered to bring it back in such a rushed and sham format. They are just not letting us get to know these people and before we even get to know them they’re asking us to vote for our faves on nights when 4 or 2 or however many are being kicked off. To further things they brought back that shoddy 3 chair challenge, and had no home visits.

  3. I think many people may have followed David’s advice, by subscribing to netflix and watched The Crown. As soon as an fta ch puts on substandard nonesense, its easy to watch something streamed with zero ads

  4. X Factor was weak last night. The only one who should be safe isn’t because the host gave out the wrong phone number. That Vlado guy can’t sing a lick, if he has the so-called X Factor it’s in infomercials or playing rude, drunk drivers on Highway Patrol rather than vocalising. Last night the audience voted for the most popular song rather than the song that most suited the artist and (almost) everyone fell flat on their faces.

      1. I didn’t mind Amelia doing Abba. Despite Adam calling it a silly pop song or something he helped Amelia break out of that one note (pardon the pun) style of vocalising that would get boring very fast on an album or a show. I thought for such a young kid she stepped up and showed lots of skill and flair. I hadn’t liked her up until that point. Yes, Vlado is just a good looking boy. Nothing more. Sign him for Home and Away. At least producers played with the format last night. Kept it interesting (for me anyway)

  5. Another double elimination tonight, if I was a finalist in the top 12 I would be seriously peed off. On the other hand it might be a blessing as some of the performances last night were woeful for a top 7 and after all the years of this show whoever is responsilble, the backing band is waaay too loud, the contestants practically have to shout to be heard.

  6. TEN is just nowhere right now! They need to step up with some fresh content. All Star Family Feud is not working at all, and how many times can they recycle the Taken movies? Their yearly share is going to start dropping now after the good performance in the MasterChef/Offspring part of the year.

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