GoFundMe page for 60s pop star Ross D. Wyllie

Friends rally for former host of music shows UpTight & Happening 70, who needs help with mobility.


A GoFundMe page has been set up for 60s pop star Ross D. Wyllie who at 72 is in need of a motorised wheelchair.

Wyllie, who had hits with The Star and Funny Man, hosted TEN music series UpTight between 1967 and 1969, followed by Happening 70, and late night films from 1978 – 1980.

Friend Tony Healey writes, “Ross contracted polio at an early age and now at age 72 is in need of a customised, motorised wheelchair and a scooter to get around. We also need funds to help build some ramps and fittings at his Melbourne home.

“Ross is a most respected and much-loved member of the Australian entertainment industry and our task is to raise enough money to help enhance and improve his mobility and in turn ensure that he can continue to work on the showbusiness circuit.

“This means a lot, not just me but, to his family and his many friends in the showbiz scene.”

You can help out here.

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