New low for X Factor on Monday


Viewing numbers were down again last night with many Melburnians enjoying Cup Eve, resulting in all entertainment shows under the magic million.

The X Factor has hit another all-time low of 603,000 viewers at the same time as News Corp speculates the show may not return in 2017. Seven defends that the numbers do not reflect the quality of the show. Last night more viewers watched Media Watch than X Factor, which finished third behind 7:30. That also impacted on The Secret Daughter, down to 694,000.

Four Corners won its slot last night for ABC at 711,000, beating all the commercial competition with its story on salmon farming. For real.

The Block won its slot as usual with Hyde & Seek also down on last week, now at 576,000. TEN’s quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention?  was another victim of the public holiday eve and a soft lead-in, but buoyant in the demos.

While Nine led in primary channels, Seven edged ahead thanks to multichannels with 28.7% then Nine 28.4%, ABC 20.0%, TEN 18.1% and SBS 4.8%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.01m / 1.00m for Seven then Home and Away (711,000), The Secret Daughter (694,000), The X Factor (603,000), The Chase (593,000 / 373,000) and The Big Bang Theory (434,000 / 276,000).

The Block (918,000) led for Nine followed by Nine News (890,000 / 885,000), A Current Affair (775,000), Hyde & Seek (576,000) and Hot Seat (524,000). Australian Crime Stories was 301,000.

ABC News (731,000), Four Corners (711,000), 7:30 (702,000), Australian Story (697,000), Media Watch (608,000) and Q&A (452,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Have You Been Paying Attention? (573,000) was best for TEN. The Project was 489,000 / 324,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 420,000, All Star Family Feud was 324,000 and Life in Pieces was 306,000 / 186,000.

On SBS it was The Supervet (189,000), The Supervet: Bionic Stories (145,000), and SBS World News (128,000). Matthew Evans For The Love of Meat was just 68,000.

GO’s Halloween movie Addams Family Values led multichannels with 239,000.

Sunrise: 288,000
Today: 274,000
ABC News Breakfast: 86,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 31 October 2016


  1. daveinprogress

    I’ve come to this autopsy a little late, but it is sad to see X Factor slip in ratings. Re Jason as host, it is a little unfair to criticise him on the basis of 2 weeks worth of live shows. Live TV is incredibly tough. He has hosted just 2 performance shows and 2 results. As you pointed out last week, David, the direction of the show was appalling – long segment grilling judges. Awful. Not the host’s fault. This abridged season has been a misstep. I liked the 3 judges in the auditions but once Mel joined it has felt really awkward and forced. Not Mel’s fault per se, just lack of chemistry among the 4. And yes, fatigue with the genre is showing; ratings wise.

    • I don’t think you can blame a host of a show like this for poor ratings. People never watch these shows because of the host. I think they’ve just got way too convoluted, stepping away from a winning formula. The schtick between the judges on these types of shows has got very repetitive and boring. No-one cares anymore. Also, stating the obvious – way too many long ad breaks – the live shows are so bloated that people probably tape them rather than watch them live, so they can ad skip.

  2. HYBPA always loved it but it seems to just get better and better! Last night was no exception and I had a few good laughs. The chemistry between all just seems to work well and little forcing the issue.

    • I totally agree!! Would never miss HYBPA!! More people should watch it.

      My 7 and 10yr old girls r watching X Factor for the first time and are loving it, so we’re turning it in to family night! We did that with Zumbo too!

      • For two days I’ve been wondering what HYBPA is. Finally curiosity got the best of me and I googled it. I suppose it proves I haven’t been paying attention.

          • Quite possibly. I have seen many promos for the show, but haven’t gotten around to viewing it. And I’d never seen it called just by its initials so we learn something new every day. Now to find out what H&A, DWTS and MKR stands for. Only joking!

  3. italianguy1987

    i love love love the x factor to death but i do think they should rest it next year and then bring it back in 2018 for a longer and normal season. also, they should have 4 judges that represent 4 categories in music. one from pop, one from rap, one from rock and one from country. this makes it much more interesting viewing.

  4. I do agree about Jason he may look good on camera & a nice guy but he has no personality and no connection or interaction with the acts on stage & he does seem very awkward! Sorry but not a good host (ratings also speak for themselves) Luke was a better host and had presence. The show is just all wrong producers/writers needed to uplift the show, the 3seat challenge is just silly that needed to go & just different parts of the show make you shake your head

    • I probably haven’t watched enough this year to make a judgement on Dundas but I always thought Luke Jacobz was a very ordinary host, stilted and lacking in personality. Daniel Mcpherson when he hosted DWTS was, I thought, a standout in terms of young male hosts of these type of shows.

  5. Reasons I’m not liking X Factor this season:
    1. Jason Dundas. Just awkward, awful host, I’m mercifully chase playing to avoid his presenting, which was unavoidable last night with the naming of the evictees, which reminded me why I’ve been chase playing…
    2. False “catfight” attempts between Izzy and Mel B. Just stop. They won’t play the game.
    3. Stupid voting – last night’s decisions were woeful – the worst teams saved.
    4. The stupid decision last week to get rid of four contestants purely on popular vote – what is good in the first few weeks is that the judges will at least be able to be a buffer with the teen “OMG I love him” style voting by making the final decision themselves. Taking this away took away a lot of quality acts, way too quickly.
    5. I know they want to shorten the series to make it a quick one, but taking away some parts of the comp means that…

  6. Xfactor really needs someone who can ad lib. Jason is probably a nice bloke and is professional and speaks well and all that. He may even be able to ad lib but xfactor is way too scripted for Australian audiences. I like Sam Mac. He is a little crazy and can talk off the cuff.

    • Agreed. What do low ratings tell you? Simple – people don’t want to watch it. The acts are way below previous years’ standards, the compere is a nobody, but most of all the show has passed its use-by date. Remember “New Faces?” It turned up some great talent in its time, but eventually ran out of steam. Vale…X Factor.

  7. What is with TEN’s obsession with Family Feud! How much more of that show can they force on viewers. No wonder their ratings are dismal and now it’s bleeding into their other higher rating shows. TEN needs a serious reshape in terms of original content. They rely on one or 2 reality shows to get them through a years worth of content. Time to move Bev on and get some fresh ideas/blood in there.

  8. Felt sorry for Jason Dundas last night, who ever the bonehead behind the scenes thought it would be a good idea for him to ask those stupid questions at the beginning, ought to be ashamed and when the girls didn’t play along, he looked like a cat caught in the headlights. Only 10,000 more than the chase, a spectacular crash and burn

      • Totally agree, David. Unfortunately, he does not have the experience or charisma to carry it off. It is not as easy as people think, just ask Olly Murs about X factor UK last year, he reckons one of the biggest mistakes he made was thinking he could host the show.

      • Yep same old writers writing the same old hyberbole. If I was Jason I would just go completely rogue and throw their script out the window because man it is so tedious. He can’t catch a break at Seven. First The Big Adventure flopped and now TXF is having its worst season with him as host. Perhaps Seven might rethink axing DWTS given TXF is highly unlikely to return for the last quarter next year given the ratings.

    • It was as if the producers were forcing him to try and create conflict between the judges to, in his words, ‘keep it interesting’ and it backfired spectacularly.

    • Who heard Jason’s terrible line about Mel Bs daughters. Mel B put her daughters in one act on Sunday, just a few harmless dance moves. Last night Jason asked her if putting her daughters in was a desperate attempt for votes. If you watch it again check out Iggy and Adams reaction to that line. They were gobsmacked.

  9. Might be worth Ten bumping up HYPBA to the 7.30pm slot, given All Star Family Feud is bombing and The X Factor is weak. Might give them a chance to air some dramas later on to improve their overall share.

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