Seven wins 2016 ratings

Even without the Olympics, Seven bags the 2016 title as Nine comes home with a wet sail.


Seven has won the 2016 ratings year, claiming a decade of Total People wins after a dominant year.

In an Olympic year Seven increased its network share, as did SBS.  TEN and ABC both replicated their shares for 2015, but Nine lost ground despite having an extra channel.

However whilst Olympics fell into the ratings year, it is customary to issue figures for advertisers with and without the Games, as an abnormal event.

Seven won both with and without Olympics.

Kicking off with the strength of My Kitchen Rules and Molly, it was unbeatable and gave the network a massive lead. But its post-Olympics quarter struggled with Zumbo’s Just Desserts and The X Factor.

Nine had a dismal start to the year with Australia’s Got Talent, The Farmer Wants a Wife and Reno Rumble. It picked up steam with The Voice and dominated in the 4th quarter thanks to The Block.

TEN was strongest in the middle of the year with MasterChef Australia and The Bachelor.

Seven won 31 of the 40 ratings weeks whilst Nine claimed 9 weeks.

Including Olympics:

Total People:

Network: (2015 in brackets)
Seven: 30.2 (29.3)
Nine: 26.7 (28.1)
TEN: 18.8 (18.8)
ABC: 17.6 (17.6)
SBS: 6.8 (6.2)

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.7 (20.7)
Nine: 18.3 (19.7)
TEN: 13.5 (13.4)
ABC: 12.6 (13.0)
SBS: 4.8 (4.1)

7TWO: 4.0 (4.6)
GO!: 3.9 (4.6)
7mate: 3.7 (3.9)
ABC2: 3.0 (2.8)
ONE: 2.8 (2.6)
ELEVEN: 2.5 (2.8)
GEM: 2.5 (3.8)
7flix: 2.0  (N.A)
9Life: 2.0 (N.A)
ABC News 24: 1.3 (1.2)
SBS 2: 1.0 (1.1)
SBS Food Network: 0.9 (N.A.)
ABC ME: 0.6 (0.6)
NITV: 0.2 (0.1)

Network Demos:

Seven: 29.9 (28.3)
Nine: 28.7 (30.2)
TEN: 23.0 (23.7)
ABC: 11.8 (12.1)
SBS: 6.6 (5.7)

Seven: 30.0 (28.1)
Nine: 28.7 (30.3)
TEN: 23.8 (24.7)
ABC: 11.2 (11.4)
SBS: 6.3 (5.5)

Seven: 30.6 (28.0)
Nine: 28.4 (30.8)
TEN: 24.6 (25.5)
ABC: 10.5 (10.5)
SBS: 5.9 (5.1)

*Excluding Olympics:

Total People:

Seven: 29.7
Nine: 26.9
TEN: 18.8
ABC: 17.6
SBS: 6.9

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.4
Nine: 18.5
TEN: 13.6
ABC: 12.6
SBS: 4.8

7TWO / GO: 3.9
7mate: 3.6
ABC2: 3.0
ONE: 2.7
7flix: / 9Life: 2.0
ABC News 24: 1.4
SBS 2: 1.0
SBS Food Network: 0.9
ABC Me: 0.6
NITV: 0.2

Network Demos:

Seven: 29.3
Nine: 29.1
TEN: 23.1
ABC: 11.9
SBS: 6.6

Nine / Seven: 29.2

TEN: 24.0
ABC: 11.3
SBS: 6.3

Seven: 29.7
Nine: 28.9
TEN: 24.8
ABC: 10.6
SBS: 6.0



Key achievements:

  • AFL Grand Final (Presentations) draws the highest audience of the year at 3.2m viewers.
  • Seven News wins news battle.
  • Sunrise & The Morning Show claim year.
  • Molly Part 1 is the top non-sports title of the year at 2.2m viewers.
  • Olympic Games: Opening Ceremony averages 1.62m viewers.
  • Wanted is the top drama series of the year averaging 1.24m viewers.
  • My Kitchen Rules winner announced draws 2.1m viewers.
  • Melbourne Cup draws 2.07m viewers.
  • Molly: The Real Thing is the year’s top documentary at 1.48m viewers.

Seven’s Director of Programming, Angus Ross, said: “Twelve months ago we promised to be a more dominant number one in 2016 – and we are more dominant than ever, in this our tenth year of leadership. Seven is not only number one in all people. We are number one in all the key demographics. And, we are the only commercial network to grow share in all people and every demographic, widening our leadership over Nine and Ten.”



Key achievements:

  • State of Origin I pulls 2.74m viewers as Nine’s biggest audience.
  • NRL Grand Final draws 2.67m viewers.
  • The Block Winner Announced tops reality genre at 2.21m viewers.
  • 60 Minutes and A Current Affair lead public affairs.
  • The Voice tops the talent shows at 1.46m viewers (launch).
  • Nine News dominates in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.
  • The Case of: JonBenet Ramsay is top international title of the year at 1.32m viewers.
  • Here Comes the Habibs is Nine’s top scripted series at 1.06m viewers.
  • The Big Bang Theory is best international comedy at 911,00 viewers.

Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network, said: “With viewers demanding content when and where they want it, the notion of a 40-week television year is increasingly becoming less relevant. From the first day of this year until today, between 6am and midnight, I’m proud to say that the Nine Network is leading all key demographics. Furthermore, since the Olympics finished, Nine has completely dominated, leading all demographics in prime time as well.”



Key achievements:

  • MasterChef: Winner Announced top audience at 2.00m viewers.
  • The Bachelor: Final Decision pulls 1.4m viewers as the year’s top dating moment.
  • Bathurst: Podium draws 1.39m viewers as TEN’s best Sports event.
  • Offspring is network’s biggest drama at 921,000 viewers.

Chief Executive Officer Paul Anderson said, “2016 has delivered another year of momentum, consistency and growth across all platforms for TEN. Our strategy of investing in differentiated and innovative content, plus the strong performance of our domestic 7.30pm franchises, is delivering. We have finished 2016 with our biggest main channel prime time commercial share in 25 to 54s and total people since 2011, and our biggest network total people commercial share since 2011.”



Key achievements:

  • New Year’s Eve Midnight Fireworks is ABC’s biggest audience at 1.43m viewers.
  • Doc Martin is ABC’s top international title at 1.16m viewers.
  • The Doctor Blake Mysteries is best ABC drama at 1.15m viewers.
  • Gruen is the top Light Entertainment show of the year at 1.01m viewers.
  • David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef is ABC’s top documentary series.




2016 Rankings:
1. Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Presentations 3,201,000
2. Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Sydney v Western Bulldogs 3,081,000
3. State of Origin Rugby League NSW v Qld 1st – Match 2,735,000
4. Rugby League Grand Final 2,670,000
5. State of Origin Rugby League 2nd – Match 2,424,000
6. Molly: Part 1 2,216,000
7. The Block -Winner Announced 2,205,000
8. Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: On The Ground 2,176,000
9. State of Origin Rugby League 3rd – Match 2,141,000
10. My Kitchen Rules-Winner Announced 2,096,000
11. The 2016 Melbourne Cup Carnival: -The Race 2,066,000
12. Masterchef Australia – The Winner Announced 1,999,000
13. My Kitchen Rules-Grand Final 1,925,000
14. The Block -Grand Final 1,865,000
15. State of Origin Rugby League 1st – Pre Match 1,852,000
16. Molly: Part 2 1,816,000
17. Masterchef Australia – Grand Finale Part 2 1,785,000
18. My Kitchen Rules – Tue 1,639,000
19. My Kitchen Rules – Mon 1,634,000
20. Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Opening Ceremony Seven 1,619,000

Weeks 7 – 48 excluding Easter. 6pm – midnight. 5 City Metro.
*Excluding Olympics

Data includes 28 Day Catch-Up where applicable. 

© OzTAM Pty Limited 2016. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM.

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  1. Well done ch7 you win the roast chicken award. Now for 2017. If you want FTA to survive then you must lift your game…a lot. The government has now given you a free kick. If you don’t score within the first month of the year (yes January) then it’s time to close down and hand over the spectrum.

  2. Well I have to say that 9 has a lot of ups & downs this year. 9 started off the year as very tough but in May, they were able to erase the disaster from Feb-Apr.
    With the Origin figures posted above, does it include Perth ratings on 9Gem?

  3. “But only old people watch 7… Oh, hang on a minute… What was that? 7 won all 3 demos. Ummm, are you sure? Ummm, ok then, let me think for a minute what else people can complain about… Ummm, oh yeah, that HD thingamajig. Yeah, HD, HD, HD”.

    1. Well said. There were some comments in the past about 7 only catered for old people as if it is a crime to be old and watching television. But I am quite surprised that Seven wins the demos given their rather weak post Olympics schedule and Nine powering along.

      And with all due respect to people working in the industry, I know tv advertisements do play a part but do most consumers actually open up their wallets everytime they see an ad on television? Same with the radio ads. If I have recorded a program, I would just fast forward the ads.

  4. Thank you for posting this David 🙂

    Huge year for Seven, one they deserve, especially after a decade.

    Disappointint on the whole for Nine, lots of flops/declines, however they’re still the #2 network.

    Another great year for Ten, continuing to grow & having their best year in 5 years. MasterChef winner again topped it for them with 2m. Key demos also boomed for them.

    ABC & SBS had no major standouts.

      1. They did grow in * = ‘commercial share’ (that means excluding the ABC & SBS).

        *Network Ten’s share was up, highest in 5 years.

        *Channel 10’s main channel share in total people was up, highest in 5 years.

        *Channel 10’s main channel share in 25-54s was up, highest in 5 years.

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