Ad Standards Board rules against SBS posters

SBS VICELAND posters cop a ban for using inappropriate language.

The Ad Standards Board has banned a poster campaign for SBS VICELAND series F*ck That’s Delicious citing strong, obscene or inappropriate language.

Mumbrella reports a member of the public complained about four billboards using inappropriate language that could be seen by children.

Defending the ad, SBS argued: “F*ck That’s Delicious is a television series which follows rapper and bon vivant, Action Bronson as he travels the world meeting like-minded pleasure-seekers and eating his fair share of food. The poster features Action Bronson, smiling (as if he’s just taken a bite of something nice), standing in the street in front of a menu board, holding a crepe, with the program title overlaid in white letters across the centre of the poster.

“The poster does not contain strong or obscene language. SBS understands that the word ‘f*** (edited)’ is considered to be strong and offensive to some people. However, while the word used in the poster alludes to the swear word, it does not refer to it in full. The impact of the word is lessened by the use of the asterisk in place of the ‘u’, and the context of the poster. The word is used in its colloquial sense, as an exclamation of pleasure. This is in keeping with the character of the program and the presenter. The phrase is not presented in an aggressive or sexual manner.”

But the ASB ruled: “The Board noted that the asterisks did not obscure the meaning of the word, and in the context it was clear what the word was meant to be. The Board also noted that the name of the product being advertised was a television show called F*ck, That’s Delicious.

The Board noted that it had previously upheld similar complaints for outdoor posters

It added: “The Board considered that the advertisement did use strong, obscene or inappropriate language.”

In 2013 SBS apologised for a “lapse of judgement” over a poster promoting its Black Mirror on its Studio pay tv channel depicting a fictional British prime minister having sex with a pig.

F*ck, That’s Delicious follows rap’s greatest bon vivant, Action Bronson as he travels the world meeting like-minded pleasure-seekers and eating his fair share of everything. Whether working his way through tagines in Morocco, paella in Barcelona, Italian in Melbourne, or Vietnamese food in Cabramatta, Action shows us that life is to be enjoyed as much as possible.

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    1. SBS you have to love them, I remember watching some reasonably explicit sexual content when watching a movie on their channel at lunch time a few years ago. We also must thank them for some of the hard core stuff on World Movies channel as well, good on you SBS.

      1. I don’t think it’s double standards at all, the problem is this show has no standards. The 2 shows I saw had 3 of the biggest no talent bums walking around tasting food, well when I say tasting I meant making utter pigs of themselves.

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