Airdate: Dogstar: Christmas in Space


Well this is a pleasant surprise….

Animated series Dogstar, which screened on Nine in two seasons in 2006 and 2011 is coming back to life with a new telemovie Dogstar: Christmas in Space.

The voice cast features Shaun Micallef, Brandon Burns, Kate McLennan, Emma Leonard, Marg Downey, Matt Tilley and Michael Veitch.

The original series was written by Doug MacLeod and Philip Dalkin, designed by Scott Vanden Bosch.

Once again all the world’s dogs are lost in space, and it’s up to the three Clark kids – Glenn (voiced by Brandon Burns), Simone (Kate McLennan) and Lincoln (Emma Leonard) – to rescue them and bring them all safely home before Christmas.

It is just two days before Christmas in the year 2349, when every dog in the world, including the Clark kids’ beloved pet, Hobart, suddenly disappears. The Clark kids make a pact to find every single dog and bring them home to Earth before Christmas … but not everyone is keen to see the pets return.

Narrated by Shaun Micallef, Dogstar Christmas in Space features an all-star cast of Australia’s most recognised vocal talents, including Marg Downey, Matt Tilley and Michael Veitch.

Join the Clark kids on their ultimate adventure as they make new friends, face old foes and meet new ones. But can they save all the world’s dogs in time for Christmas? Or is it up to some extra special Christmas magic to come to the rescue?

Dogstar Christmas in Space is a Media World Pictures Production, in association with Film Victoria and Daro Film Distribution, for Screen Australia and the Nine Network.

Friday, December 16, at 6.00pm on 9GO!


  1. What is really a surprising, is that this rubbish still gets funded. This is the third time, they are re-doing the same old story (find the lost dogs), they aren’t even trying anymore.

    On a side note, I have to really wonder why this wasn’t saved for Christmas, especially since there are barely any new animated specials shown around Christmas anymore.

    • This show is not rubbish! In that a lot of important problems like ecology, family, space exploration and other. I can agree that a third time about looking the lost dogs already seems strange. but anyway this toon for children firstly. And 10 years ago i liked this series and still like. Flash animation, characters and funny story of this show are great.

      • I have never come across any other cartoon series, that repeated the same plot for the second season and even the holiday special. Cartoon series focused on teaching lessons are too common, but decent action/adventure series which mix lessons into their stories are rare. I thought the attempts at humor were really bad, with way too many parodies (i.e. Star Trek) and other references, which are another sign of lack of originality.
        Dogstar was rubbish, especially compared to their old cartoon series (i.e. The Silver Brumby) from the 1990s.

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