Bumped: Trapped, The Hollow Crown.


I’m sure I was only just saying that even public broadcasters in summer are not immune to programming changes….

Tomorrow night SBS is bumping The Hollow Crown from an 8:35pm slot to 11:50pm and replacing it with a double repeat episode of 24 Hours in Emergency.

Episode 3 of Icelandic drama Trapped, which was due at 10:55pm now comes forward to 10:30pm.

It’s a similar plan for next week with the final Hollow Crown now at 11:40pm.


    • agree completely, SBS2 was my go to channel most nights, I don’t think I’ve watched it aside from outlander, there is only so much marijuana tv one can stand, plus the loss of Orphan Black is a big blow to my yearly enjoyment. Hopefully they get the hint & revert

  1. Interesting. But I just don’t get this.
    I understand why – up to a point – even the public service broadcasters are keen to maintain a certain (albeit less significant) level of ratings popularity to ensure (in very crude terms) one measure of justification for their own existence. Because if no-one, or almost no-one, was watching the SBS (or the ABC) this offers ample ammunition for their critics – however worthy or acclaimed the programming may be. But having said that, surely once SBS or ABC have committed to programming that is a distinctly different – in this case premium, challenging dramas – then late dumping or late-night bumping should really only be done in absolute exceptional cases. Otherwise, and over time, if the public service networks start behaving more and more like the commercial ones then arguably the important case for a strong, healthy and distinctive SBS (and…

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