Please Like Me fans praise “raw, gut-wrenching” episode


Warning: Do not read this post without seeing Season 4 Episode 5 “Burrito Bowl.”

Please Like Me fans took to social media last night after a powerful, unexpected turn of events for Josh and his cast.

I once told Josh Thomas I wasn’t speaking to him after he killed off Aunt Peg (Judi Farr) in Season One, so I think I will have to now permanently remove him from my Christmas card list.

But seriously, while I do feel a bit robbed in the way the story unfolded it is the spontaneity and lack of resolution that is one of Please Like Me‘s strengths. Along with its sheer determination to veer from comedy to tragedy. All of which is such an achievement for one so young as Thomas.

Next week is the season finale and what I suspect may well be the last outing for the show.

Update: Season 4 has now been picked up by Hulu in the US after the closure of Pivot.

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  1. Agree it was a scenario that was both unexpected and expected at the same time. Such an incredible episode of one of the best Australian made shows ever. Will miss it so much when it ends.

  2. Oh no!
    Not Rose! Gone, just like that.
    What a truly wonderful and complex character she has been – yes, deeply flawed… annoying as f***, needy, child-like self-absorbed, erratic and all the rest, but at the same time so incredibly warm, caring, wise and funny.
    She was the backbone of the show and I will miss her very much.
    So very sad but I think this has been coming for a long time- she has really been struggling with her demons.
    What made it more touching was how happy and together she appeared to be, out to dinner with Josh and his dad in last week’s episode.
    It was, in actuality, her swan song and she seemed in that moment, finally at peace with the world.
    I think, when she kissed Josh and Alan goodbye and walked away into the night to catch the last train home, she knew she would never see them again.
    So incredibly shocking and sad but so beautifully and sensitively portrayed. Josh Thomas really is a talent, exceptionally wise and perceptive beyond his years.
    Would be a real shame to see Please Like Me finish for good

    • I was doing my best to avoid the finer detail, but it this is in a clearly-identified post and the episode has aired so on a TV blog, it is therefore up for fan discussion. Essentially, Josh found his mother dead on the floor of her home, as a result of suicide. He was in a state of shock as he tried to tell friends and family, until it all poured out emotionally in the isolation of his own solitude, in a raw final scene. We will all need a lift next week…..

  3. Yep my jaw dropped when I realised what was happening. In hindsight the clues have been there all season that Rose was struggling again but it still felt like it came out of nowhere. Amazing episode!

  4. I have loved this show from the start and thought last weeks episode would be the highlight of season 4, that is until last night. Here I was expecting a nice episode about the reintroduction of Geoffrey and then Bam, the whole arc of the show changed. So believable, so tragic and so brilliantly written and acted. Stand out performances from Thomas Ward and Hannah Gadsby. Its sad to think that next week will probably be the last we see of this great series.

    • harrypotter1994

      Totally agree. The phone conversation between Josh and Claire was so well done…really highlighted the situation so well. Was bawling my eyes out throughout.

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