Returning: The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Well let’s try to end the year with some good news.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering will be back with us in just over 4 weeks time with Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson, and a new addition in Indigenous Australian rapper, writer and actor, Adam Briggs (Cleverman).

Last year, The Weekly promised to put the sense back into the nonsense. In 2017, the nonsense has
defeated us. Each week, Charlie Pickering, along with Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson, and – joining the
team – Adam Briggs, will pick the news apart, and then attempt to put it back together, hoping that
no one will notice the bits they broke.

In a world that is changing at breakneck speed, The Weekly will hardly change at all. We will
continue to spend our Wednesday nights exposing the absurd, revelling in the ridiculous, and
throwing shoes at the hypocritical. We encourage you to throw yours at us on the telly. After all, it’s
your telly.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering: making breaking news brokener.

Wednesday 1 February at 8:40pm on ABC.


  1. All these celebrities passing away is very depressing. Charlie, Tom and Kitty work very well together. Briggs’ addition will be interesting. Any word on another season of Hard Quiz?

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