Hard Quiz, The Weekly: April 17

Kiwi comic Guy Montgomery is on The Weekly, plus HQ experts tonight are tested on Lost in Space and Princess Kate.

Tonight on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Charlie judges Lehrmann and cancels the Olympics, Margaret Pomeranz gives Todd Woodbridge an unreturnable serve, Concetta Caristo makes friends with the neighbours and Kiwi comic Guy
Montgomery checks our spelling.

Tonight on Hard Quiz….

Tom Gleeson is hanging on to his Big Brass Mug until one expert can prove they deserve it.

Lucy is fascinated by Princess Kate, Mark is lost in Lost in Space, Ruby has a supersonic knowledge of Concorde, and Callum is anything but shellfish with his knowledge of oysters!

From 8pm tonight on ABC.

5 Responses

  1. I think it’s time Charlie got over his cancellation phobia and on to something else….cancel culture and woke are becoming old and stale….everyone has been using them….time some brainbox came up with something more interesting for everyone to latch onto and become the latest fad and trend….instead of everyone being….sheeples or bandwagon riders.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else find these particular shows on the ABC to be too Labor biased? I’m pretty sure they even had an Anthony Albanese round on Hard Quiz.

  3. David, great play on words for Hard Quiz. My dinner tonight was seafood curry I helped make that had oysters the boogers of the sea. Lost in Space what a classic!

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