Hard Quiz: June 12

This week Babylon 5 and the Carlton Football Club.

This week’s Hard Quiz sees four more experts competing for the Big Brass Mug.

This week’s topics are the Carlton Football Club, sci-fi show Babylon 5, frozen glacier sensation Otzi the Iceman, and Microsoft Excel. (That’s not a typo.) As always, Hard Quiz has something for everyone!

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

5 Responses

  1. Anyone who comments on these weekly posts are special / or / work on the show ( or both ) – love it. Ps. most comments are from employees……that are special 😛

    1. You’re making a guess though. Just as I don’t know your identity, I don’t know others. If I went back and tallied all your comments I doubt it would make you a show employee either. The site welcomes comments from the couch.

  2. Voice over Steve Vizard and props guy Marty deserve more credit. Can’t believe the show has an Excel expert. Otzi the Iceman really interesting. It’s about time Carlton won a Premiership. Might give Babylon 5 a go. I’ve already seen this on iView. Without spoiling one of the best Tom Rounds ever!

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