TEN Perth to begin broadcasting from brand new studios

TEN Perth will farewell Dianella after 28 years and open new state-of-the-art studios in Subiaco.


Perth will get yet another brand new television station when TEN begins operations from its new state-of-the-art home in Subiaco.

TEN Eyewitness News First At Five will broadcast from the new station from Monday.

The change sees TEN exit its home of 28 years in Cottonwood Crescent, Dianella.

TEN General Manager Adelaide, Perth and Operations, Frank Filosi, said: “Our innovative new purpose-built office, newsroom and operating systems will truly transform the way we work.

“The long-term investment in this cutting edge work place demonstrates Network TEN’s commitment to the Perth market and leading the digital transformation of the television industry.

“The modern station is ideally located in the exciting new property development Subi XO precinct, 502 Hay Street, Subiaco, close to Perth’s CBD. We couldn’t have found a better location and we are excited to call Subiaco our home for many years to come,” he said.

Nine opened its new St Georges Terrace home at the end of September and Seven moved to Osborne Park in early 2015.

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  1. Cannot understand why the stations are all relocating to areas which are highly congested and difficult to access most of the time-Dianella was pretty much the urban fringe of northern Perth when 7 and 9 first set up there.

    1. It’s been rezoned ‘residential’ and is selling, or will sell, to developers for squillions. As none of them actually produce anything anymore other than News they don’t need the production studios, set and props construction and storage, etc., etc., unfortunately.

  2. They’re moving into the current iiNet headquarters so not sure where iiNet are moving to. It’s a busy little area and becoming busier with the development around there so will be cool having the Ten logo lit up on the building.

    1. Correction. They’re not moving into the iiNet building (I worked there until recently). iiNet remains exactly where it is with Ten moving into the brand spanking new building that has been built immediately next door.

      1. Incidentally David, I see where aesthetic’s confusion comes from and I am a little confused by the image used to head this story which is actually the iiNet building (the oval hole traverses the balconies on three floors). The Ten building is immediately to the right and the iiNet balconies can no longer be seen from that angle across the road.

          1. Yeah, someone at Ten has stuffed up. Subi XO is 500 Hay St. That pic is def 502 and iiNet occupy most of it.

            But then someone has gone and shopped a Ten logo in place of the iiNet one in that pic. That’s bizarre. If they didn’t want to send out a photo of a building still being finished, they could have used an artist’s rendition. I’m sure they could have got the one from the owner or the property consultant.

          2. Thought as much. I knew it wouldn’t be your mistake, David. I agree with and concur with everything my estimable Secret Squirrel padre says (hello fellow long time TT reader! 🙂 ). The iiNet building is also occupied by Mirvac.

      2. Oh right thanks for the clarificaction. The new building next to it on Hay Street seems very much under construction still so i can’t see how they would be ready to operate from Monday though?

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