Farewell to 10 faces

A salute to top 10 talent departing the network on Friday.

Friday marks the final day for a slew of 10 News First staff, some of whom have been with the network for 2 – 3 decades.

It was brutal news last month when the network announced job cuts to on air talent and crew around Australia.

Here’s a look back at their work…

Tim Gossage, 31 years.

Tim Gossage started at the network in 1989. During his three decades he has hosted local footy show Western Front, been an AFL commentator or boundary rider on 10 and FOX Sports, hosted the Sandover Medal and the WA Football Hall of Fame and was part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games broadcast team. In 2012, he received the Dennis Cometti Award for Excellence by the WA Football Media Guild.

“Been the best 31 years & I depart having had the best time. I grew up wanting to talk sport and I was lucky enough to get paid for it. I leave sad but not bitter. Much love for everyone past and present at 10. Best job ever.”

Tim Bailey, 30 years.

Bailey is veteran of 10, having first joined the network in 1990 as a reporter on Good Morning Australia before becoming a host and presenter on Totally Wild, and his own early morning program The Big Breakfast, amongst other roles. He has been a most memorable weather presenter since 1996.

Mike Larkan,  24 years.

In 1996 Mike Larkan was lured from Canberra to become TEN Melbourne’s weather presenter. During his long run of live crosses around Melbourne events he has notably highlighted schools and lost dogs. He is an ambassador for Australia Day, the Melbourne Zoo, The Lost Dogs Home and the Variety Club.

Michael Schultz, 22 years.

Michael Schultz joined 10 in 1998. His love of all creatures great and small often sees him reporting the weather live from the RSPCA where he assists in finding new homes for abandoned animals. He is also a representative on the Perth Zoo Animal Ethics Committee.


Natarsha Belling, 22 years.

In 1998, 10 poached Natarsha to join its National Newsroom in Sydney. During this time, she has read across all the Network’s major news bulletins including the Morning, 5pm, Late and Weekend Services, Studio 10 and co-hosting Wake Up.

“I have been overwhelmed with all the love and support so many of you have shown me over the past four days. To all the wonderful viewers, colleagues, family and friends, thank you for all your beautiful messages, they mean the world to me. It’s been an absolute pleasure being part of the Network 10 family for more than 22 years. And I want to thank the network for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve enjoyed over the past two decades.”



Georgina Lewis, 21 years.

Georgina Lewis joined 10 News in Brisbane as a reporter in 1999 but soon became a regular stand by presenter, then weather presenter.  In 2007 she stepped into an anchor role and in 2012 became the solo anchor of the Queensland edition.

Rebecca Morse, 14 years.

Rebecca Morse has been with 10 News Adelaide since 2006 and presented the flagship  bulletin for over a decade.  She is a proud ambassador for the Animal Welfare League, Cure4CF Foundation, Brand South Australia’s I Choose SA campaign and the Premier’s Reading Challenge and ambassador for her local team the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Sad to confirm the news that I am among those leaving Network Ten. Proud of our team at @10NewsFirstAdl currently working to bring you your local bulletin tonight. Thank you for your messages of support.”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley. 24 months.

KAK needs no introduction, but rejoined 10 at Studio 10 in September 2018.  A TV survivor, she recently joked she had seen redundancies before and will be around to see them again.

“I just know I’m back on the Lazy Susan of television. It’s very, very tough for a lot of people. But I’ve always worked on a personal level (with) the Charles Darwin theory that says to survive, you don’t have to be the most intelligent, you don’t have to be the strongest, but you have to be, to survive, the most adaptable. My life theory is that. I’ve got to say, I’m sort of so grateful that a little while ago, you invited me on the program because I have had such a good time with all my new friends. And I don’t say that lightly because you’ve all been so delightful, so charming and so generous. That’s the whole production staff. Everybody…. I’ve had a ball.”

Will Goodings, 20 months.

Will Goodings joined 10 in 2019 as the Sport Presenter for Adelaide’s 10 News First, having been co-anchor for FIVEaa’s leading weekday breakfast show.

Sad today for local news and the South Australians that rely on it. Most sad however for @10NewsFirstAdl colleagues, journos, cameramen, producers, hair and makeup artists and countless others who are exceptional professionals and even better human beings. Thank you all.”

Monika Kos, 8 months.

Monika Kos joined 10 in January after a long run at Seven.  Her career began in 1989 at 882 6PR radio station as a producer followed by a role as the on-air presenter in the drive programme.


Farewell also to the crews behind the scenes, whose work has been instrumental to their success.

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  1. Very sad that people are being made redundant atm. However ViacomCBS are moving their business model and money to a more profitable area in SVOD. Once this comes to fruition, I am hoping that they will begin to hire more talent. Best of luck to great talent let go, I am hoping things will look up in the not to distant future.

  2. I can totally understand Ten has to cut costs to stay alive , but how do they justify paying multi-millionaires like Danni Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes to do pretty much nothing on The Masked Singer? Anyone could do those roles but Ten decided to get over-rated millionaires to judge. And if it wasn’t for the travel restrictions they would have kept the useless Lindsay Lohan who would undoubtedly have been paid over a million dollars plus living expenses to keep her as a judge.

  3. From a business perspective it was probably a shrewd move by 10 to have one big purge of long serving and big salary contract staff, this could become a trend for a number of businesses and organisations in the months ahead.

  4. Nice article David. Yes a very sad week for 10 staff culminating on Friday when so many people will leave the network for the last time. I cannot remember when a network has sacked so many on air talent (plus off air staff) in one go all around the country.

  5. And cheers and good luck to all the behind the scenes 10 staffers who have been made redundant. Who have worked so hard in both long term and shorter term positions. Some for many decades. Best wishes to you all.

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