Airdate: Deutschland 83

Outstanding Cold War drama gets a Free to Air premiere on SBS in February.

Outstanding German drama Deutschland ’83 gets a Free to Air premiere on SBS in early February.

The 8 part series stars Jonas Nay as a young man who is born and raised in East Germany, and is then sent undercover to West Germany in the height of the Cold War.

The award-winning show has already screened in Australia on Stan, and has been renewed for a second season.

1983. The Cold War is hot. Russian SS20 Missiles in East Germany are already pointed West. American Pershing II Missiles will soon be placed in West Germany, pointing East. The threat of nuclear conflict looms. The foreign intelligence agency of East Germany, the HVA, want eyes and ears everywhere. They are convinced that the West Germans are preparing to attack.

Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay), is 24. Born and raised in East Germany, he is sent undercover by his aunt, an East German Secret Service employee, to West Germany to pose as an assistant to a prominent General in order to gather intelligence regarding US plans to defend the West from Soviet aggression. A secondary gig develops, infiltrating youth culture through close relationships with the General’s two children.

Set against real events with an authentic 80’s soundtrack, Deutschland 83 is a gripping and stylish series that’s part coming-of-age drama, part Cold War thriller.

Double episode premiere 8.30pm Thursday, 9 February, continuing Thursdays 9.30pm on SBS.

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  1. The first episode was offered as a free download via iTunes some time ago, and I thought it was fantastic. It’s a pity that a Blu-ray version isn’t available locally, otherwise I would have snapped it up by now.

    1. The site has a Calendar for premieres and finales under Programming tab. I did trial a smart phone alert but it conflicted with back-end stuff too much. The weekly newsletter reminds about upcoming premieres and the Daily Pick always features many of them. That’s where you should be looking given there is no “pop up.”

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