Airdate: President Trump’s Inauguration

Feels like I am filing a Simpsons episode here (yes I know they tipped it), but President Trump’s Inauguration will take place early morning on Saturday January 21 -or Friday night if you prefer.

ABC News 24’s coverage will be led by Planet America hosts John Barron and Chas Licciardello.

So far the confirmed talent includes opera singer Jackie Evancho, the Radio City Rockettes, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Watch me stay awake for that.

On Saturday morning president elect Donald Trump will assume the role of chief executive of the United States and News 24 will have comprehensive coverage of his inauguration.

From 3am (AEDT) we’ll be live in Washington where people of all stripes will attend the ceremony – some to celebrate and others to commiserate.

Planet America hosts John Barron and Chas Licciardello will lead our coverage with context and analysis of the big day.

When Donald Trump replaces Barack Obama in the White House all the eyes of the world will be on Mr Trump as he takes the oath of office and offers his inaugural address.

ABC News 24 from 3am (AEDT) Saturday January 21.


  1. This inauguration’s entertainment will be different at least. Might record it. It is quite humorous that all of the people Trump asked to perform told him no.

  2. I’ve watched a few episodes of Planet America over the years. It’s an enjoyable hidden gem on ABC News24. Chas is quite knowledgeable about US politics, and he mainly steers away from his “Chaser persona”. He works well alongside John Barron.

    But I think I will be tucked away in bed for this one….

    • They, like almost all the commentariat, got it well and truly incorrect (at least as far as the US electoral college went))-now we have the bizarre and truly terrifying prospect of an utterly unqualified man by temperament. experience and character getting the keys to the White House.

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