Gallery: Industry celebrates 10 years of TV Tonight

Working Dog.

Today’s gallery marking 10 years for the site features network executives, producers, writers, crews and critics.

Over the decade I’ve conducted interviews with just about all of these folk (and definitely written about their shows!).

My thanks to all of them for their birthday selfie -some of which have been sent from far-flung holiday locales at this time of year! So with that in mind I won’t be approving any cheeky comments about appearance.

Special thanks to all the crew at Working Dog for their wonderful group photo. Very chuffed!

Angus Ross, Director of Programming, Seven.

Michael Ebeid, SBS Managing Director.

Hugh Marks, Nine CEO.

Richard Finlayson, ABC Director of TV.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel Executive Director of TV.

Hamish Turner, Nine Program Director

Ian Hogg, FremantleMedia Australia CEO.

Mark Fennessy, CEO Endemol Shine Australia.

David Mott, ITV Australia CEO

Karl Zwicky & Lisa Scott, producers Screentime.

John Edwards, producer Roadshow Rough Diamond.

Tony Ayres, producer Matchbox Pictures.

Alex Mavroidakis, producer ITV Studios Australia

Peter Ford, Entertainment Reporter (with Pete Smith).

Andrew Mercado, TV historian.

James Manning, Editor Mediaweek.

Matthew Deaner, Screen Producers Australia CEO.

Brendan Dahill, Managing Director KEO Films

Chris Oliver-Taylor, Managing Director Matchbox Pictures


  1. Brilliantly done sending the TVT10 logo for use on iPads and iPhones. And bonus points to Peter Ford and Pete Smith for the cupcakes! Did they have them made or did you send them out, David?

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Yes, I noticed the casually (not) placed cat book – excellent work. And Pete Smith scored a second pic!

    Again, this is a testament to your gravitas and perhaps recognition (from the network execs) that, while they prob don’t like everything that you write about them, on balance you help them out a lot more than you hinder them.

    Gotta agree with Budge, it is very blokey.

  3. Got to admit I had a chuckle seeing Angus Ross posing for his picture next to (I think) a cat book in a reference to what you said about Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud David!

  4. Happy Birthday David – you’ve done a brilliant job. So many great shows I would have missed without you. Keep up the good work!
    On a side note, your pics indicate the industry movers and still are still ridiculously male heavy, doncha think?

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