Returning: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

TEN has now confirmed the premiere date for the third season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! hosted by Julia Morris & Dr. Chris Brown.

As tipped, it will begin on Sunday January 29th. This is the third year in a row it will launch on the night of the Australian Open Men’s Final, and is one night before Nine’s Married at First Sight.

In a significant move, TEN will kick off at 7pm -later than 2015′ launch, but earlier than other profile shows such as Australian Survivor had been screening (and a move many readers had been advocating.

Guessing games on the 2016 have been underway, set to include:

· A US sitcom star
· A shock jock
· An AFL legend
· A much-loved Olympian
· A pop diva
· An Aussie comedian
· A singing sensation

The latest clue reveal, alludes to “a singing sensation (who) is not only an ARIA Award winning singer but is also an actress and an author who hit the big time as a teenager.” She is the second to be described as “a triple threat.”

TEN Head of Entertainment and Factual Programming, Stephen Tate, said: “In our third series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! we have assembled our most surprising and eclectic cast yet.

“We are sure they will deliver all the humour and heart that you have come to expect, but this year we predict a little more spice. Also, God help us, we have given Chris and Julia more say in the fate of our celebs. Fasten your seat belts!”

Sunday, 29 January 2017 at 7.00pm on TEN.


  1. My guesses are:

    A US sitcom star – Ed O’Neil
    A shock jock – Steve Price
    An AFL legend – Jason Akermanis
    A much-loved Olympian – Dawn Fraser
    A pop diva – Melissa Tkautz
    An Aussie comedian – Sam Pang
    A singing sensation – Nikki Webster

  2. Dane swan would be hilarious in the jungle. With the cameras rolling who knows what he will come out with. Be interesting to see if it is him. But I still reckon it’s Aker who would also be entertaining.

  3. I think the singing sensation/actress/ may be Nat Imbruglia.
    She featured recently in SBS’s First Contact which bordered on semi reality and came across really well.
    Not sure if she’s written a book though…

  4. Hang on, I could swear I’ve been watching this show for the past month. It’s hosted by Ricky Ponting & Mark Waugh, yeah? Occasionally, there’s some cricket played in the background!

  5. I like the 7pm start on Sunday. That way, people can change from the news on 7 or 9 and watch Celeb. I hope this continues for 10’s other flagship shows (MC, Aus Survivor, ect).

    I am still trying to figure out the Sitcom Star. I have no idea.

  6. For my money, Kyle Sandilands for the shock jock (suits TEN’s and the show’s younger demo, also provides a great cross-over with the KIIS radio network) or totally out of the box, Howard Sattler (yes he’s Perth based, but he’s not on the radio anymore and definitely in need of a gig). Singing sensation – could it be Tina Arena? According to her Wiki page, she’s a multiple ARIA winner, theatre actress, has written an autobiography and definitely hit the big time as a teenager.

  7. What about the live streaming? Last year they had a show last year hosted by Joel Creasey on 11 that offered it, and the year before they has Sam Mac host the Fallout Zone on tenplay. Better return the live streaming again in some form.

  8. I can’t see this screening at 7pm every night. The Project is too important, plus it creates other scheduling problems thereafter. TEN will do Sundays 7pm, weeknights 7:30pm same as rivals I suspect.

  9. The Project is doing good figures in the 7pm time slot often getting over 700,000 viewers on weekdays (in peak season). Why would Ten mess with that? That would be a mistake. Shows like Celebrity would not do any better in that time slot. Even Aus Survivor which I loved would not do any better

    • I don’t know if they are just doing Sunday 7pm of every ep 7pm but if they were to do 7pm weeknights they at least they get in before Block or MKR

  10. Now make it 7pm weeknights as well and get the jump on Seven and Nine.

    In order to accommodate that move, Project goes to 6.30-7.00 only, Neighbours moves to 6pm to stop conflicting with the Project while Family Feud airs half an hour later on Eleven (or better yet not at all – don’t get why it has to be on 3 channels at once).

  11. Makes sense. Those viewers who want an alternative to Seven’s tennis or Nine’s programming have another option straight out of the big-rating Seven/Nine News at the crucial 7pm junction point.

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