Returning: Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns to ABC in February for its fifth season.

Interview subjects this season include Sam Neill, Cathy Freeman, Kasey Chambers, Colin Hay, Lee Lin Chin, Annabel Crabb, Derryn Hinch, Susan Carland, Tim Ferguson and Ronny Chieng.

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is a documentary series in which the ever playful and always entertaining Julia Zemiro walks outstanding and notable people down memory lane. Every Home Delivery episode begins with Julia and her companion driving back to their old stomping ground. They travel through time back to their childhood home, schools and old haunts all the while talking about life’s big questions as well as the past, present and future.

In this the fifth series we feature revealing and surprising interviews with actor Sam Neill, Olympian Cathy Freeman, musicians Kasey Chambers and Colin Hay, media heavyweights Lee Lin Chin and Annabel Crabb, former journo and current senator Derryn Hinch, academic Susan Carland and comedians Tim Ferguson and Ronny Chieng. Julia travels from the deserts of South Australia to Far North Queensland, from the forests behind Dunedin to the metropolis of Singapore.

Julia is an interviewer of great charm, wit and depth. She puts her guests at ease with her genuine curiosity and warmth, and they respond by opening up and sharing parts of their lives not usually revealed to interviewers. She is an astute and sensitive listener, willing to probe and ask the difficult questions.

Each trip back in time is as different as the guests are themselves. Some can’t wait to walk through the door of a place that will always feel like home, some want to run away, and for others the family home is where Mum and Dad still live now but visiting with Julia and her crew puts it in a different perspective. Walking the corridors of former school brings up happy memories for many while others step with trepidation through hallways that are full of ghosts. For all of them, returning to the scenes of their formative years is a powerful experience, sometimes overwhelmingly joyous, sometimes bittersweet.

All guests set off on their ‘day of Delivery’ willing to go deep. They reveal personal stories from their childhoods to the present day. They open up about their Mums and Dads, brothers, sisters and best friends. They spill their guts, share their stories both happy and sad and give the viewer real insight into the person they are.

8:00pm Wednesday February 1st on ABC.

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