1. Secret Squïrrel

    I think that, and esp Sarah Harris’ lovely comment, is a testament to not only your legacy, but how well-thought of you are within the industry. You can’t buy that level of respect (or maybe you can – come on, how much did it cost? j/k).

    I feel that I’m going to be saying this more than once over the next few days but, congratulations! Really well deserved.

  2. Studio 10 is the best of the morning shows and deserves a greater share of the market. Good of them to acknowledge your efforts in the TV landscape. No one does it better than you David hence why we come here day in and day out. Congrats on the birthday….

  3. Well done David and thank you Studio 10. I must say their show always elicits positive feedback from TVT readers and this shows the praise is well deserved

  4. Because you do a good job! it is definitely my daily habit by checking the website out! Some people might take opinions seriously but it’s all good fun! Go TV Tonight! Australia’s Best TV Blog!

  5. Awesome shou out David! This log has become so much more than just a site for me… it’s literally a lifestyle. It’s the highest praise I can give imo. Your blog literally changes and shapes my viewing habits through the sheer volume of news, programming, the TV Lounge, reviews and general feedback you give to readers. Thank you so much!

  6. I was watching this morning and it made me smile because I visit TV Tonight every day and know how much hard work you put in. Thanks David and happy 10th Anniversary TV Tonight!

  7. That’s so great that they mentioned your birthday. Well done to Studio 10 for acknowledging this blog to the mainstream. Its not often you hear shows mention websites outside their own networks.

    And kind words from the panellist, which is great to hear 🙂 Keep up the great work David. You’re obviously doing a great job for Studio 10 to notice.

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