1. I watched an episode on SBS On Line whilst working on my laptop…and that was followed by a second…then third and fourth. Strangely enjoyable and fascinating. I appreciated the diversity of sexualities and cultures and genuinely felt empathy towards the dumped and glad for the happy couples. Frankly, I’m almost shocked I enjoyed it.

  2. I think SBS has commissioned a show that is so far outside their charter as to be on another planet. Throwing in some ethnically diverse couples does nothing to allay the fact that this is simply junk TV – more suited to a desperate commercial network than a predominantly government ( us ) funded broadcaster.
    Out of interest, what did each of the 20 ( ! ) episodes cost to make ? Does SBS make this information public — because it should.
    Something ridiculous I’m sure and further proof the SBS programmers are simply taking the piss. This is not SBS , its Stuff Broadcasting Standards. No accountability by people who wouldn’t get work in a sandwich shop.

  3. Reality shock shows is just like eating McDonald’s. It’s brain cell killing television tha makes you fat and stupid. Everyone trying to be more outrageous than the next. I think I’ll watch a movie instead.

  4. Without full frontal nudity this concept isn’t gong to work at all especially on SBS. The intellectual concept will be negative zero anyway so the voyeuristic theme and perfect bodies is all the show has got going for it.

  5. It’s just fuel to the fire for the argument for those advocating a merger between ABC & SBS. I am sure this would not have been commissioned if they didn’t need ad revenue. Allowing ads has fundamentally compromised their existence. Unfortunately I feel that phrases like “diversity to fit the charter” are now just a throwaway line to try and make shows like this seem okay

  6. I don’t really think we need this kind of show at all.
    I watch a lot of SBS’s Food Network (Ch 33) and have noticed them advertising shows from their main SBS channel. This is one of them. It’s a little confronting to be watching food one minute, and seeing people in their underwear answering questions the next. It doesn’t make me want to watch that (or any other) program, it makes me turn the tv off!

  7. “… it may have had a better point by then asking couples to get dressed at the end.”

    David, you need to copyright this idea stat. I think you just invented the Next Big Thing…

  8. You mentioned Adam Looking for Eve but Channel 4 in the UK had/has a show called Naked Attraction which the contestant choose a date based on the total nakedness. Was certainly interesting to see contestants in all their glory but did become boring after episode 3.

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