Airdate: Meet the Trumps

SBS sure is milking the Trump presidency for documentaries lately...

SBS sure is milking the Trump presidency for documentaries lately… how many more can we endure?

The latest is Meet the Trumps in which UK reporter Matt Frei traces Trump family history and how it built a man who (somehow) became President.

The media is looking for answers in all corners of Donald Trump’s life – from who he is to what makes him tick; from his time in military school, to the disdain the Queens boy was shown by the Manhattan elites when he entered the real estate world there. But the force that has shaped Donald Trump more than anything else can be found in his family tree.

From his immigrant grandfather Friedrich, who built the beginnings of the Trump fortune on vice and shady dealings in the famous Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s, to his father Fred, a showboating self-promoter who used FDR’s New Deal loan subsidies to build a real estate empire which discriminated against African Americans.

In this documentary, Matt Frei tells the remarkable true story of how Trump’s family created and then passed down the family culture of doing whatever it takes to come out on top – and how that helped make Donald Trump into the man he is today.

Tuesday, 21 February at 7.30pm on SBS.

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