Airdate: The Mick

Kaitlin Olson stars as a two-bit hustler who assumes guardianship of three high-maintenance kids.

New US sitcom The Mick begins on FOX8 later this month.

The series stars Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as a brash, two-bit hustler who assumes guardianship of three high-maintenance nephews & nieces when their parents flee the country to escape federal fraud charges.

It premiered in the US last month and has been picked up for a full season.

The Mick brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dysfunctional family’. Mickey, an irresponsible drifter played by Caitlin Olson, visits her estranged sister and billionaire brother-in-law in search of a free handout. But when they flee the country to avoid federal fraud charges, leaving Mickey with everything, she quickly learns nothing comes for free, because ‘everything’ includes guardianship of her sister’s three ill-mannered children: 18-year-old Sabrina (played by Sophia Black D’Elia), 13-year-old future Republican Chip (played by Thomas Barbusca) and fragile 7-year-old nerd Ben (played by Jack Stanton). Though motherhood was never in her plans, Mickey soon discovers a little responsibility never hurt anybody.

Sunday February 26 at 7.30pm on FOX8.

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