Married closing in on MKR, Hoges down, but Seven takes first ratings night.

Seven has won the first night of the 2017 ratings year in a razor-tight race with rival Nine.

Bragging rights were on the line in a night that saw My Kitchen Rules challenged by Nine’s Married at First Sight. 

While MKR won with 1.08m viewers it was its lowest ever audience, with Married breathing down its neck with 1.06m viewers. Nine’s show even managed to pip it in the Demos.

Meanwhile TEN’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here trailed on 696,000, rising to 720,000 for the eviction of Tom Arnold.

Seven’s high profile drama Hoges pulled 837,000 viewers -well down on Molly‘s 1.79m viewers a year ago. Social media was divided last night, with plenty of chatter about a dodgy wig but some praise for Josh Lawson and 70’s Australiana.

Seven Network won the night with 31.4%, Nine 30.3%, ABC 16.8%, TEN 14.6% and SBS 6.9%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.1m followed by My Kitchen Rules on 1.08m and Hoges (837,000). A repeat of Murder Uncovered drew 226,000 viewers.

Married at First Sight pulled 1.06m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.06m), 60 Minutes (893,000) and Lethal Weapon (325,000).

Midsomer Murders (827,000) was best for ABC then ABC News (763,000), Grand Designs (667,000).

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here drew 720,000 / 696,000 for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 386,000, Bondi Rescue was 335,000, 24: Legacy was 333,000 and Homeland just 140,000.

On SBS it was The Silk Road (296,000), Trump’s Divided States of America (224,000), SBS World News (170,000).

ABC2’s Go Jetters topped multichannels with 177,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 12 February 2017


  1. I liked Hoges too but wish it was either shortened into one night or played on Sunday and Monday rather than over two weeks (and thought the same with Molly last year, INXS the year before).

    One thing to say though – when showing Hoges on the Harbour Bridge in the early 70’s, in of the scenes, a train went by below that was clearly one of our newer trains made in 2000’s! We still have trains from the 70’s running in Sydney so would not have been too hard to have an “old train” go by if they waited for the right moment!

  2. jezza the first original one

    We watched Celeb which was about it for fta. Watched a couple of eps of Santa Clarita Diet on nflx, amusing. Also working back through GameofThrones, got a 6 series dvd set. It is easier to follow second time around. Sport and compelling drama/reality are the best chance for fta from now on.

  3. It’s good to see MKR falling. I hope Australian networks would stop using this format (90-minute long episode over few nights a week). It’s really tiring.

  4. Well I guess I’m one of the few that enjoyed Hoges. Yes the makeup/ wig was a bit of a fail and Josh didn’t sound like Hoges, but once I got past that I was able to get into the show. I learnt quite a bit about his life and overall I think the story so far has been quite interesting. I’m looking forward to part 2.

  5. I’m quite over 7s need to open the year with some biographical two parter so I didn’t bother with hoges.

    Unfortunately I have watched a little of bullshit at first sight because others in my household are hooked and I simply shake my head. The woman wanted a Polynesian non smoker. Its not that hard people.

    I’m reluctant to watch new dramas because I don’t want to chase shows around the schedule. I did pvr 24 legacy because 10s promo caught my eye last week but based on those ratings I’m not sure I will bother watching. At least ten don’t force an account for their catch up site if I miss an episode.

      • Huh? Have you read the comments on this post. I’m not the only one who made negative comments of hoges, reality tv and the poor ratings of 24. I’m not sure why you’ve decided to single me out but I find your response odd.

  6. i think MAFS will eventually beat MKR in the ratings. MAFS beat MKR in Brisbane and Sydney.
    Hoges numbers were kinda expected, and if they were the numbers for part1 i can only imagine what the numbers will be for part 2 next sunday.

  7. Only watched Hoges till 9pm as I had an early start but enjoyed it a lot. Thought the device of an old Hoges at one of his shows telling his life story worked pretty well. Not a patch on Peter Allen or Molly but we’ll be backing up again next week. Taped Legacy and Homeland.

  8. Hoges was pretty weak.
    A hard task I know, but Josh wasn’t very successful at all in capturing Paul’s essence and laconic larrikinism. That ridiculous wig and the fact he looks nothing like Hoges didn’t help.

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    I take back what I said about Hoges being more like Almost an Angel than Croc Dundee. Lightning Jack is prob closer to the mark. Still, the +7’s could push it over the magic million. What will Seven be showing next Sunday?

  10. Gee you really have to wonder if 9 might’ve launched You’re back in the Room last night, instead of 12months ago, it pulled a solid figure against the then unstoppable MKR.

    I guess people are tiring of the format, and you wonder what that may or may not spell for 10 and MC later in the year.

    Hoges figures were very disappointing, looks like game on for ratings 2017!

    • Agreed re: tired format. I haven’t watched it for years. Made the switch to MC and have enjoyed that the last two (maybe three years). I feel MC is preferred by those who like to cook whilst MKR viewers like the drama.

      MAFS is new and must resonate with some old MKR viewers. Not my cup of tea.

      We watched Netflix instead…which says something…we have changed our preferred viewing and it’s not with reality TV and biopic dramas in FTA.

  11. I have watched every season of MKR but I have grown tired of the same format. Taped the first ep, started to watch but got bored and deleted it after 10 mins. Have switched to Married at first now for a bit of popcorn ‘reality’. Really enjoying it.

  12. Seven will be very disappointed.

    I say that based off Molly’s huge ratings, all the promotion since late last year (as well as during the Australian Open) & the Sydney audience in particular.

    It shows Paul Hogan as a person & the show just did not resonate with viewers, lots of negative reviews beforehand as well.

    Seven will be hoping the biopic on Olivia Newton-John with Delta Goodrem will be big.

    • @glennc probably didn’t help 10 not fasttracking either show, Homeland is up to ep 4 in the US, not sure about 24. People will go elsewhere if the shows they watch are not in the same time frame(within the week of US airing date).

      • 24: Legacy screened Feb 5 2017, one whole week earlier, its hardly not being fast tracked as its on the first available Sunday after its US screening.
        Homeland screened in the US Jan 15 2017, 140k audience. Its up against Lethal Weapon, which screened Oct 5 2016 in the US, 325k audience.
        Yep, clear case of Ten failing to fast track…………

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