TEN tops primary channels, but Nine claims network share.

Nine may have its first network win for the 2017 ratings year -but the real story was TEN topping primary channels.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (910,000) trumped RBT (626,000) and a failed Chase: MKR special on just 479,000 -on those numbers next week’s edition will surely be bumped.

Gogglebox also won its timeslot for TEN on 725,000 well in front of Newton’s Law (546,000) down from 695,000 last week. Nine appears to be “giving away” a new Big Bang episode at 615,000 viewers. Is that a record low for a new episode?

Seven’s consolation prize was that Seven News topped the night with 937,000 viewers on a night were nobody cracked the magic million. Already.

Nine only managed a network win by having one extra multichannel than TEN. It won with 26.9% then Seven 26.3%, TEN 24.0%, ABC 16.8% and SBS 5.9%.

Nine News led for Nine with 846,000 / 829,000 then A Current Affair (676,000), RBT (626,000), The Big Bang Theory (615,000 / 509,000), Hot Seat (421,000 / 262,000) and movie: John Wick (331,000).

Seven News (937,000 / 898,000) was #1 for Seven followed by Home and Away (708,000), Mighty Trains (560,000), The Chase (546,000 / 332,000), The Chase: MKR (479,000) and The Investigator: A True Crime Story (320,000).

TEN had a bumper night thanks to I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (910,000) and Gogglebox (725,000). The Project drew 555,000 / 341,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 462,000 and a This is Us replay was 273,000.

ABC News (686,000) led for ABC then Newton’s Law (546,000), 7:30 (539,000), Dream Gardens (532,000) and No Offence (286,000).

On SBS it was Destination Flavour Singapore (177,000), SBS World News (135,000), Food Detectives (177,000) and Deutschland 83 (67,000).

9GO!’s Big Bang was best on multichannels with 192,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 16 February 2017


  1. Ten programming department need to be sacked. They simply are not doing a good job. How hard is it to update an Epg . Why was This is Us even on again?? It was on the night before. If you advertise a show (still advertised 10 minutes before start time) and then fail to show it is absolutely pathetic. Hopefully Ten get the message sooner rather than later . Enough is enough

    • I thought having This Is Us encore after a nice Googlebox promo was inspired, so I feel that Ten programmers deserve some kudos. While you may have been somewhat inconvenienced maybe spare a thought for FTA, it’s a tough gig at the moment. I get that viewers should come first, but this was a perfect opportunity to promote a show that rated probably below expectations.

      • A tough gig? Yeah, must be tough to schedule something then actually show the same program……
        By my count, the next 7 days Ten have 7 of 42 hours of prime time programming as last minute additions or TBA. No wonder it seems so tough…..

        • It’s just like the airline industry, everybody is an expect in how to run one. It’s easy for us armchair critics to say how airlines or TV networks etc should be run, actually doing it is another matter entirely.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    “Nine only managed a network win by having one extra multichannel than TEN”.

    Not really. Even without 9Life, Nine would’ve beaten Ten by nearly one percent.

    I guess Thu is going to be Ten’s peak before their share does its traditional dive tonight and tomorrow.

  3. Although I don’t watch Gogglebox or IACGMOOH I am happy to see 10 lead the pack on ‘quiet Thursday’. 900,000+ is amazing!! Shows you if there is no competition 10 can do well. As many TVT readers say 7 never puts an effort into their Thursday night timeslot so thank goodness ABC & 10 value their audiences. I watched episode 1 of Newton’s Law time shifted and will do the same with ep 2. Wasn’t overly gripped by ep 1 but will give it another go…as I like to support Aussie dramas. Last night we watched an old episode of Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel Play (after 7 showing some episodes we are gripped & want to view more).

    Keep up the good work 10!

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