Airdate: Idris Elba: The King of Speed

Idris Elba takes to the track in a three part motoring series, King of Speed, on Discovery.

Next month Discovery will also feature the Luther star in a series where he trains to become a professional kickboxer.

Charting the history of how speed changed the cars we drive, Idris examines the underground racing scene around the world.

Taking him from his doorstep in Hackney to the racetracks of America via the Scottish Highlands and Finland’s Arctic plains, Idris reveals the unexplored political, social and historical circumstances connecting the early stories of speed through to our modern day driving culture.

Tuesdays from 28 March at 9.30pm on Discovery.

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  1. I thought King of Speed has been on before? I saw it a few years ago, but maybe it was elsewhere…

    It’s a little blokey, but Idris is so obviously having a ball that even my partner enjoyed it 😉

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