Another day, another ex-pollie signs with SKY News.

SKY News has signed yet another former politician to its news service, this time former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

Conroy, who is now executive director of pro-gambling group Responsible Wagering Australia, will join as a Political Contributor.

He joins Kristina Keneally, Mark Latham, Bronwyn Bishop, Peter Beattie, and Peta Credlin amongst the line-up of former pollies or advisers.

ā€œIā€™m looking forward to being a part of the SKY News team and continuing to shape the national political conversation,” he said.

Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO Australian News Channel said: ā€œI’m really pleased to welcome Stephen to our exclusive team of SKY News political contributors. His policy experience across diverse government portfolios, from the position of both leadership and opposition, will add significant context on the issues driving the national conversation.ā€


  1. News Corp features a few Sky News video segments in it’s clickbait online news pages so what does that tell you. Sky News had a chance for a sweep out recently but apparently think nothing needs changing, including Mr Bolt and Ms Credlin. Perhaps there’s a job there for Mr Abbott as well.

  2. I really don’t understand how this service can be called a news service sky news ,it’s not a news service it’s a paid political commentary ,most of the programming is by loud mouth opinionated right wing ex pollies trying to brain wash its viewers. believe their highest rating shows pull fifty thousand it would be pulled from air If it was on FTA TV

    • Yep we gave up yonks ago ,tired of the constant editorials especially Bolt & Murray who only have people on their shows that agree with their strange ideas,just a very poor try hard cousin of that other bastion of balanced talk Fox News

  3. Easy to roll your eyes at yet another former pollie signing up, but let’s face it – they get the small viewership of Sky excited and are good for a few soundbites.

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