Drama wins against Monday movies

Monday proved to be relatively good for Aussie dramas.

Home and Away was second in its slot with 723,000 viewers, if beaten by A Current Affair which was very strong at 961,000. Nine’s House Husbands had its best numbers this season at 686,000 while the competition both ran movies.

Married at First Sight also enjoyed its best numbers this season, eclipsing Sunday’s figure at 1.24m viewers. MKR ranked second at 1.07m viewers.

The Biggest Loser: Transformed was pushed out of the Top 20 altogether with just 335,000, a slight lift on Sunday’s outing.

Australian Story was up on last week for ABC.

Nine network won Monday with 32.3% then Seven 30.6%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 14.0% and SBS 5.7%.

Married at First Sight  was #1 for Nine with 1.24m viewers then Nine News (967,000 / 921,000), A Current Affair (921,000), House Husbands (686,000) and Hot Seat (493,000 / 283,000). Footy Classified returned to 186,000 in 3 cities.

My Kitchen Rules led for Seven with 1.07m viewers then Seven News (975,000 / 930,000), Home and Away (723,000) and The Chase (597,000 / 376,000). Movie: Captain America drew 296,000.

ABC News (697,000), Australian Story (590,000), 7:30 (589,000), Media Watch (511,000), Four Corners (469,000) and Q & A (396,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Project (548,000 / 381,000) was best on TEN followed by TEN Eyewitness News (484,000), Family Feud and The Biggest Loser: Transformed (both 335,000). Movie: Red 2 was 242,000.

On SBS it was The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs (216,000) Simon Reeve’s Big Life Fix (138,000) and SBS World News (136,000). Bear Grylls Britain’s Biggest Adventures was just 66,000.

Shaun the Sheep lambasted the multichannels with 215,000.

Sunrise: 303,000
Today: 276,000
ABC News Breakfast: 102,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 20 March 2017


  1. Is it time Ten did the unthinkable – Big Brother? I know it’s hard to compare with so many multi channels now compared to when it was first on the network, but everyone loved it a lot more on there (not nine), if they got their inspiration from the uk it could work back on the newtwork that everyone loved. But they’d really have to listen to the audience, uplate, live feeds.. it could work though! Even a celebrity version could work given the success off IACGMOOH.

    • It couldn’t hurt. I think it would rate at least 600-700k and would do much better in the demos. The reasons the last season failed on Nine was because of inconsistent scheduling, too many stunts and no live element except for the evictions. What set Big Brother apart from other reality shows was the live aspect, if Ten were to bring the show back they would have to either include live updates on their website or reintroduce live streaming.

  2. House Husbands looks like a success until you crunch the numbers. If 300,000 people changed the channel when a show I programmed came on I wouldn’t be opening no champagne bottle.

    • Someone I know who watches mafs has been complaining the last couple of nights at the length of ads during that program in particular the length of the promotion for the voice.

  3. Perhaps they should have “transformed” loser in a different way, cut the fat, and made it a one or two episode a week show. Follow the journey of two contestants per week.
    Night one: backstory and start of training, night two: more training, dietary stuff and weight loss reveal. When you can basically tune into the final ep and see their backstory/ challenges/ weight loss in 10 minutes, why would you slug it out for 5 nights a week over 6-8 weeks?

  4. TEN need to make huge structural changes to their nightly lineup. May I suggest: Family Feud at 5.00, Neighbours (back on main channel) at 5.30, followed by a 30 minute Eyewitness News and 30 minute episode of The Project at 6.30. Reality (not TBL) at 7.00pm to get a head start on the others. Bring back Australian Idol. Start drama, movies etc. at 8 or 8.30 because most working people go to bed by 9.30 to 10.00 pm.

  5. If you were a locked-in sponsor on Married At First Sight, you couldn’t believe your luck!

    When the entire media and advertising world still considered MKR to be the ‘powerhouse’.

  6. Certainly makes the figures for Celebrity look fantastic! Notice the long promos for MasterChef have started, perhaps that will be bought forward.

    • I wondered about TEN bringing it forward but there are a few hurdles: 1) later eps may not be ready so it may bite them in the bum. 2) It wold go up against MKR. 3) Easter non ratings would interrupt for 2 wks.

      • Thing is it seems everyone know Biggest Loser Transformed wouldn’t work except for Ten themselves. I know they needed something between Celebe and MChef but how about coming up with something different, not a show that really hasn’t done well in years.

        Ten are best riding it out, edit Loser into 2 hours a week and play it late night one night like Seven did with Restaurant Revolution.

        They would be absolute nuts to even think of bringing Masterchef forward to overlap with MKR – although the way MKR is going lately Masterchef could if fact take away viewers from MKR and beat it!

  7. It was interesting seeing the dexa scans on the biggest loser last night and I thought Sarah Wilson did a good job of her segment on sugar but realistically who has the time to make such a complicated desert which is probably why it was appropriate for the food challenge.

  8. I don’t get TEN. “March 27th, 2014 By David Knox, It’s impossible to ignore the numbers for The Biggest Loser this week on TEN. Last night was just 296,000, up marginally from a dreadful 268,000 the night before. While the show struggles against the might of MKR and The Block…”
    – so why on earth did TEN continue commissioning this ‘loser’ year after year?

    • It took a year off. TEN hoped the revamp would make the show more relatable. But maybe viewers actually want the extreme weight losses after all? I was pleased to see TEN address the weeks in between Celebrity & MasterChef but sadly this isn’t it.

      • There is still the element of extreme weight loss when you have quite a number of people in the household losing between 6 and 9 kilos in one week. I don’t mind the new format but maybe the majority of viewers don’t want to watch a reality show that’s more relatable or somewhat educational but would rather see bitchiness and fake drama.

  9. The first segment of footy classified basically put me sleep and I turned it off. It just seemed like the chemistry that was there a couple of years ago between the four simply isn’t there anymore. I do conceded that I probably have to watch a bit more to get a truer picture but I’m not sure I want to. I also think its got something to do with SEN radio’s management’s extremely poor decision to implement this new breakfast team that I don’t like. That decision is now affecting my tv habits where I don’t want to watch members of that breakfast program on their respective tv shows. Bring back frank and ox to breakfast and then I can go back to listening to sen like I used to cause I hardly listen to sen now due to that breakfast show.

    • I enjoyed Footy Classified last night. Its held its numbers despite The Footy Show shedding them, which I find intriguing.
      As for SEN breakfast, hasn’t been the same since Maher/Gaze’s Morning Glory was given the lemon and sars. Frank and Ox was terrible, worst mistake management ever made was pairing them up for breakfast.
      One thing I did notice last night about FC was the use of stuff from SEN. Previously, FC used to use a variety of radio quotes. Last night, it was solely SEN.

      • Andrew Gaze did not work on breakfast and they took too long to make a change to that. Despite that I could tolerate the program because I didn’t mind Andy Maher.
        Frank and Ox had quite a popular drive program a few years back until Francis got a job on the abc so their pairing wasn’t without precedent. Atleast they talked about other sports, they had other segments such as a tech, tv, movie one that broke up the morning. They had some good elements. What they should’ve done is not include Tim Watson. They needed to differentiate themselves from morning glory and I’m not a fan of his so not having to hear him every morning would’ve suited me. The latest ratings survey had the new breakfast team rate lower than frank and ox so I’m not the only one who thinks its worse.

        • Maher/Gaze hosted the final incarnation of Morning Glory in 2015….. Had better ratings than Frank and Ox!!
          David, I found it a touch concerning too. I’m aware SEN is a 24/7 sports station so lends itself more to these short snippets but I’m wondering why one station got all the attention when the 4 co-hosts don’t all work at that particular station. Will be interesting also to see where Talking Footy gets theirs from given Watson and McClure are both on the same SEN Breakfast program.

          • Radio ratings are a minefield. Someone needs to make that information more easily attainable. Whilst I can’t say for sure what rated better herald sun says frank and ox rated 3.8 at end of 2016 whilst media week has morning glory at 3.6 at the end of 2015. So not much difference? Everyone has their preferences and since this is a tv blog my original point was if your not enjoying someone on one medium such as radio then you don’t necessarily want to watch them on another medium such as tv.

            Footy doesn’t start till Thursday so then there will be pre and post match on a number of different stations to get quotes from for sports tv programs. But I would’ve thought with sportsday being two hours and rsn having some afl content in their new breakfast program there are currently a variety of options for some quotes particularly when the same person often appears on multiple programs on…

  10. If you were an advertiser on TEN, you must be so annoyed. Being beaten by the ABC, and even a few Foxtel shows getting close to the same audience as a free to air primary channel. Ridiculous!

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