Binge on this!

What are the shows you are binging that we should all be discovering?

Easter is just around the corner, a perfect time to binge on some of the best drama and comedies from home and abroad.

But what to watch?

In a TV Tonight first, it’s time to ask for your recommendations in a reader survey. The results next week will hopefully elicit some hidden gems worthy of our consideration.

A few guidelines:

  • Survey is only asking for Drama & Comedy (no doco, reality, lifestyle etc).
  • Survey is divided into separate Free to Air, Pay TV & Streaming platforms.
  • Your suggestions should relate to current or latest season only. If you want to recommend old episodes of The West Wing or The Sopranos, you’ll get a chance to do that at the end.
  • Shows don’t need to have been released in a multi-episode binge to be included. The idea is to tip a show someone could seek out to rediscover.
  • Don’t worry about when the show is scheduled. It could be a late night or weekend gem that is buried in the guide.
  • Remember we’re not necessarily asking for your favourite show, but a very good tip.

So should we be watching Homeland, The Missing, Iron Fist, This is Us, Billions, The Night Manager, Broadchurch, Grace & Frankie, Designated Survivor, When We Rise, Riverdale, Legion, Big Little Lies, Underground?

Or something else altogether? Let’s hear it for the best of binge!

Vote here!

Survey closes Tuesday April 11.

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