Goggleboxers “banned” from Logies again

Don’t expect to see Anastasia, Faye, Symon, Adam, Yvie or Angie accepting a Logie if Gogglebox wins this weekend.

None of the cast will be allowed to attend again this year, despite them being the favourite for the Best Factual category once again.

Last year it was left to producer David McDonald to thank viewers for the nod, and he’s likely to make another speech if they win again this year.

The decision from inside the Foxtel / TEN camp stems from trying to keep the cast away from red carpets and industry events, in order that they remain firmly on one side of the box and not become “stars” themselves. It does make some fuzzy logic despite previous interviews and photo shoots, including for the Foxtel mag.

We won’t even get to see them celebrate this time around, after last year’s win made it into the next episode. We should really have a Gogglebox: Logie special in which they weigh in on the whole ceremony.

Put those acceptance speeches on your social media, guys….?


  1. I agree it’s the right decision to keep the “4th wall” up for the Gogglebox cast and keep them away from red carpets etc. The show works because they are seen as the same as us, a regular viewer at home on the couch.
    The idea of Gogglebox specials for one off TV events (like the Logies, Eurovision etc) when the show is not on air is brilliant David! With people now glued to computer and device screens, Gogglebox is basically the modern day version of the water cooler. It celebrates great TV moments and often reminds me what I’ve missed the previous week so I go and seek shows out on catch up services.
    Whilst one off specials would be great while Goggle box is in hibernation, I’d still love to see it run all year!

  2. Last year one or both of the Younger gogglebox guys (Adam and Symon i think?) had a “celebrity” appearance at a big bash game. I remember one of them being interviewed. Even if he was just at the game as a member of the public they drew attention to him as a reality star.

  3. Foxtel/TEN should have realised that they pretty much are minor celebrities and should go to the Logies at some point. But they are supposed to be regular people so stopping them from going to award nights like this makes them more relatable.

  4. Maybe the producers should film more families ‘Goggleboxing’ and show us different lots every month, thus prevent them from becoming minor celebrities.

  5. carolemorrissey

    This seems a bit slack considering all the other reality show losers can attend. Especially since the show isn’t on this year like it was last year when they watched it for the show.

  6. I agree with keeping them out of the limelight… I don’t wanna see them starting to show up on ‘celebrity’ shows like other attention seeking ‘reality’ stars on TV. The Goggleboxers are everyday people after all.

  7. At the risk of viewer fatigue, there is so much more they could do. They should do special event episodes like for the Logies or Eurovision. This, plus maybe 4 more episodes per season and that’ll do it.

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