1. hey david just wondering 2 things: what were the ratings for today and sunrise the day after the logies and what were the ratings for both those shows on ANZAC Day

  2. Few gripes, 1. How long will this MKR atrocity continue? please let it end already..
    2. The voice promo of the 2 female judges ogling & fawning over the singers looks, heaven forbid a male judge did the same to a female contestant
    3. Biopics….
    Positive- 7 year switch not doing well, I personally find it complete & utter trash, so winning there

    • MKR is like the longest flight overseas, by the time you get there you are exhausted and tired. Seven is going to kill the MKR franchise by milking it. The season is far to long and it has strayed from the original concept. The public are getting battle fatigue

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