Returning: First Dates

Seven rests MKR next week for Easter, but there are new eps of its dinner date show.

Despite us heading into two weeks of Easter non-ratings, Seven will be bringing in new episodes of First Dates on Monday and Tuesday.

MKR is resting next week (in the past it has made select appearances in the week post-Easter), so First Dates resumes its second season with eps 7 & 8 at 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Sunday Night moves up to 7pm on Sunday followed by Border Security: America and Australian Swimming Championships live from 8:30pm.

6 Responses

  1. Here’s a hot tip for 7. Wrap the MKR show after 6 weeks. I wonder how they will go rating the Comm Games in the Eater non ratings in 2018. They would be foolish to make it a long season of MKR next year. It would be better to launch fresh shows.

  2. They’re resting MKR over Easter? Last year they showed it over Easter then wrapped it up before showing First Dates. I can’t see why they are saving the final episodes for when ratings come back on considering the decline in MKR’s ratings as this season has played out.

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