Returning: Hinterland

Welsh-based detective drama returns to BBC First in May.

Updated: Welsh-based detective drama Hinterland returns to BBC First next month.

The 8 part series stars Richard Harrington, Aneirin Hughes, Mali Harries, Hannah Daniel and Alex Harries.

But the series is well overdue, having screened in the UK last October.

Hinterland finds DCI Tom Mathias seeking to heal physical as well as psychological scars. The hideaway he’d found himself on the wild shores of Ceredigion has been destroyed and he has relocated to the heart of the seaside town of Aberystwyth.

This new series sees Mathias thrown back into an old case that has intrigued him since his early days working in Aber, a case that threatens to drive an irreconcilable rift through the team. But while Mathias delves into the past his colleague DS Sian Owens focuses on a current case, she’s been tasked with discovering who burnt down Mathias’ home.

8.30pm Wednesday May 10 on BBC First.

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