Returning: The Legacy

Danish drama The Legacy returns for its third and final season on SBS later this month.

It launches with a double episode with a landmark event, which forces the four siblings to consider what they want with their lives and whether they want to do good for the world and for their community.

Once again each episode asks more questions than it provides answers: can the four siblings forgive each other?

This screened in Denmark in January.

Episode One:
The four heirs have made peace with the past and with each other. Following Thomas’s death, Emil has taken on the role of parent to Melody. Signe spends most of her time with her boyfriend, Aksel, running her organic farm. Business is booming and she is busy brainstorming ideas for branching out.

Episode Two:
At Grønnegaard, Emil does his best to prepare for Melody’s birthday as Hannah’s disappearance forces him to reconsider his loyalties. Frederik now suffers the consequences of his absence. His visit doesn’t leave him much time to prove his worth or to regain the trust of his family.

Tuesday, 18 April at 10.30pm on SBS.

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