Update: Law & Order: SVU

Heads up Law and Order: SVU fans, the show is airing on both Thursdays and Saturdays at present.

New eps run both nights this week and next at 8:30pm (there is also an older episode at 9:30pm Saturdays. It’s not clear if this is just until MasterChef kicks in.

Here is Thursday’s synopsis from S18E15, “No Surrender”

Olivia and Fin are taken out of their comfort zones when they are assigned to a case involving a military crime.

After serving three tours in Iraq and earning a Silver Star for her valor in combat, Captain Beth Williams is rushed to hospital following a sexual assault.

While attempting to solve the case and find the culprit responsible, Fin is forced to revisit his military roots. Sarah Booth guest stars as Captain Beth Williams.

Meanwhile Nine is also getting into old Law and Order eps screening S4E11 “Standoff” this Friday night at 10:45pm in some cities (check local guides). This aired in the US as far back as 2000.


  1. Is there any way to watch previous episodes from say the last 3 months that I have missed? The 9Now app doesn’t seem to show them 🙁

  2. I got excited that they were bringing it back to Thursdays after Saturday night’s ep said new on Thursday. Can’t complain about two new eps but still don’t like it being on a Saturday night – especially tucked away after a movie, & since they were airing repeats of SVU on Thursdays anyway. I still don’t understand what they’re doing if there’s a repeat after or is that just on Saturday? Hopefully they move it to just Thursday when they catch up

  3. The new SVU eps twice a week couldn’t be for more than 3 weeks otherwise they’ll be airing in Australia before airing in the US, which I think would be most unlikely.

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