The Living Room: May 19

This week on The Living Room, Jamie Durie is in Rooty Hill (there’s a line!) and a wombat is in the studio.

Gardens with Jamie Durie: Rooty Hill
After a few years of travelling the globe, newly engaged couple Mark and Kim moved back to Sydney to help look after his sick parents. They moved into a new home that was built on an old paddock and while the house is modern their backyard remains a weedy dirt patch surrounded by a non-descript fence. Their dreams of a sustainable garden where they can grow their own fruit and veggies had stalled at the dream phase until garden wizard Jamie Durie came knocking on their door.

Pet Studio with Chris Brown: George the Wombat
Dr. Chris brings a special guest into the studio in the tiny form of George the wombat. Wombats are one of Australia’s unique marsupial animals. But sadly the more common interaction they have with humans in the wild involves road accidents. George the Wombat’s mother was killed on the roads near Barrington Tops, New South Wales. Luckily he was taken in by The Australian Reptile Park where he was provided all the love and care he needed to thrive. Now one-year-old and about the size of a football, George is looking forward to a happy life ahead. Chris provides information about wombats and what you need to do if you come across one that has been hit by a car.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Chicken Drumsticks
Miguel trades a drumming lesson with the Dynasty Drumline for some delicious chicken cacciatore drumsticks. Crunchy, delicious and affordable, these drumsticks are simple to make, great to eat by hand and will surely be a smash hit.

Health and Well Being with Tiffiny Hall: More Energy Around the Clock
How many of us bounce out of bed in the morning ready to tackle anything the day throws at us? Would you believe there are lots of little things you can do around the clock that will give you the energy you need to get through the day? Tiffiny has all the tips to help busy working mum Candice make the most of each and every day. Some of them will surprise you.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

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