Airdate: Meet the Hockers

Next week 9GO! premieres Meet the Hockers, an observational look inside Sydney-based pawnshop, Aceben.

The 8 part series is produced and narrated by Kyle Sandilands.

Over eight fascinating episodes, Meet the Hockers will lift the lid on the Australian pawnshop trade, exploring the secrets of valuing items that people want to hock.

Step inside the doors of Aceben in Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest pawnshop, run by the overtly cool Mike Chambers and his team: Pauly, the resident prankster; Jess, a country sweetheart living in the big smoke; Jaz, who calls a spade a spade; and Aaron, the class clown, as they encounter new customers trying to negotiate their way to the best deal.

Find out what financial pinch the customers are in, how they got there, and what other quirky motives they have for cashing in their possessions.

Meet the Hockers is all about big characters, big cash, and big surprises.

From trash to treasure and hot items that can be a little too hot , you’ll never know what’s coming through the door as the nation’s most colourful pawn stars get ready to deal.

8:30pm Tuesday, May 16 on 9GO!


  1. What a joke this show is.
    I was watching the first episode & noticed that the so called NSW police officer was not a real one.
    He was wearing some kind of sneakers & had a light blue shirt on with some pretend looking identification attached to it.
    What more would anyone expect from that moron Sandilands.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    I take it that this is another presser without an accompanying photo. Presumably, the expectation is that you’ll just post naked text or supply your own pics. If it was me, I would simply refuse to help promote anything without supplied photos.

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