Airdate: Operation Thailand

New Nine series follows a growing wave of people who travel to Thailand for surgeries and a holiday.

New medical observational Operation Thailand begins tonight on Nine.

If follows a growing wave of people who travel to Thailand for surgeries, who also treat themselves to a holiday.

The 10 episode series is produced by WTFN (Bondi Vet, The Living Room).

WTFN CEO Daryl Talbot told TV Tonight, “It was an area I didn’t know anything about until we started start planning the show. Over dinner conversations people told me ‘I’ve gone to Thailand to have my teeth done, knees fixed…’ all sorts of things.

“We found a company out of the Gold Coast that gave us access into the market. Rather than going down the path of people being disfigured for life, which has been done, we’ve really followed this group who deal with reputable hospitals in Bangkok surgeons who are incredibly well-trained. It becomes big focus on people and why they are doing it and the end result.”

10pm tonight on Nine.

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  1. Will they mention the large bodybuilding community at Phuket? The area has become a favourite with Aussies because steroids are legal and available over the counter very cheaply. There are a number of gyms and bodybuilding cafes in the area and bodybuilders go there to avoid the over the top, oppressive anti steroid laws in Australia.

  2. I take it this is a brand funded programme funded by the company that provides this Holiday Surgery service ? No horror stories here I’m sure just happy smiling people and great outcomes at a bargain price.. . 10 PM slot seems to suggest that this is sponsored ?

    1. Boy – you guys are such a bunch of cynics! Surely its not possible that a whole bunch of television viewers were asking themselves:

      “You know what there isn’t enough of on TV right now? More cheap lazy vapid brand sponsored formulaic observational milquetoast documentaries? We need more of these please!”

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