Axed: Last Man Standing, Rosewood.

US comedy Last Man Standing has been cancelled after six seasons after sliding ratings.

The series starred Tim Allen as a conservative-minded patriarch who runs a sporting goods store and with views about the modern world, including political topics such as Obamacare and environmental policy.

It aired in Australia on ELEVEN and FOX8.

Medical procedural Rosewood has also been axed after two seasons

It aired here on ONE.

Source: Variety


  1. Shame about LMS, the season final didn’t really resolve anything but there wasn’t really a big cliff hanger either, it was sort of a nothing ending, which is a shame after 6 seasons.

  2. It took a few episodes to get the humour, but Last Man Standing is now one of my favourite sitcoms. Funny that I initially thought “Mike” was a parody, but apparently the character has its basis in real people.

    However, it was always a premise that would have a limited life. Once the kids got much older, it was harder to make good storylines.

  3. On a few occasions I’ve attempted to watch Last Man Standing since I enjoyed Tim Allen in Home Improvement but I found the humour mostly flat.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    Last Man Standing is an apt title as I don’t understand how it has lasted for 6 seasons. Humour is subjective but this was banal with a heaping corn on the side.

  5. I love Last Man Standing and quite enjoy Rosewood so disappointing news. With Last Man Standing airing currently on FOX8 I’ll see it out, but if ONE don’t show season 2 of Rosewood soon I think I’ll be giving it a miss. Something TEN’s programmers should consider – people are less likely to hold off for a cancelled show.

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